Is the SK customer platform real?

5 thoughts on “Is the SK customer platform real?”

  1. According to many netizens feedback, this platform is false.
    Is that users will not be deceived anymore.
    sk brushing platform to notify the platform to help Taobao sellers brush orders to improve their reputation, and collect fees to do part -time personnel on the Internet.
    The following reminds everyone about the features of false Taobao part -time jobs
    1, high commission attractive people.
    2, basically without training, you can go to the post immediately.

    3. Netizens who use less online shopping experience do not understand Taobao and Alipay rules, and need to take virtual aims for mobile funds.

    4, a fishing website, more technical and dangerous fraud.

  2. Deceptive. I was deceived more than 5,000, she will always bring you the order and then pay, and then say what the repurchase is frozen, and then ask you to activate, the activation and money, and finally the activation. It is not notarized when the bank is returned. He will always emphasize that it is a regular platform, all deceptive! Be careful!

  3. They are all scammers. I do n’t know if anyone encounters a scammer from Beijing Chunda Technology Co., Ltd.. I encountered a show forced me to deceive me more than 8,000. I applied for information to her. Arrange me a task, three small tasks, buy three connected cards, and finally say that the task is completed. In the end, what is the order number? I want to buy the sum of the first three times. Buy, he shows you a successful screenshot of other people's anti -models, and send you the information registered by the company at the Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau and the business license. I still don't believe it. I asked her to show the ID card. I paid only people, and I made more than 4,000. When I finally put the withdrawal, I said that the card machine was said. I needed to buy the activation card machine. I did n’t want to see me. I said I applied for a refund. Let ’s, friends, do n’t believe in virtual things on the Internet in the future. Now the scammers even have a company business license, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has registration on the Internet, and the ID card can be taken to you. So far, I said she is said to be her. Liar, she said that I think too much, and I did n’t delete my QQ. You ca n’t believe it in your heart. I have already called the police. I do n’t know if there is any use! You can only wait for 10 days

  4. As long as this is a liar, I have been deceived 2,000 yuan, and I have eaten a long and wisdom. I hope you don’t get it anymore.

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