What are the benefits and significance of the member system

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  1. What are the benefits and significance of the member system
    1. Fast recovery of funds
    The biggest purpose of implementing the membership system is to quickly recover the funds. Driving the meeting and recharge, this is equivalent to recycling investment in advance, which is also a interest -free loan.
    The domestic service industry member recharge is particularly prosperous. The bathing industry, fitness industry, club, etc., the equivalent value of thousands of yuan to attract a large number of customers to handle recharge members, recover a large amount of cash in the short term, Add chips to cost returns. rn  2、有效掌控顾客rn  这是一个替代品遍布的市场,除特殊专利型工业品外,几乎任何一种消费项目都存在着大量的替代品,在这个现实状况下, It is also important to control the consumer inertia of customers through the membership system. When a merchant uses preferential policies to induce customers to recharge membership cards, it is equivalent to the merchant's consumer inertia of the customer's consumption inertia before the membership card funds have not been consumed. That is, the customer will take the initiative (or helpless emotions) to the recharge merchant for consumption because of the card value.
    3. Derivative business profitability
    In denying, a certain number of merchants have made significant progress in the design of business models. They use low thresholds to introduce members and then earn profits through other derivative projects to become one. Pick -up business model. Like Tencent QQ is a standard case for domestic use of free thresholds to attract derivatives, and many companies use one main business to attract another major consumer group, which is also the source of derivative business profitability.
    4. Use membership card residual profitability
    This model is a less glorious way, but it is the main means for many merchants to win profits. Consumers who do cards have experienced it. When the card is used to the end, there are often a few dollars or even tens of dollars. Theoretically called the residual value. Most consumers will give up the right to use the residual value, and the merchants rarely have the residual value of the residual value. The policy, so this part of the residual value has become the source of the final profit statistics of merchants. Don't underestimate the residual value of these yuan, tens of thousands of members will generate a net profit of hundreds of thousands of yuan.

  2. To buy members, shopping on its platform can enjoy the price of commodity members and increase the viscosity of the platform and users.

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