How much G to the maximum memory

How much G to the maximum memory

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  1. At present, the maximum operating memory is 4GB; storage memory, the maximum is 128GB.

    The memory of the mobile phone is divided into two types, one is running memory, and the other is storage memory:

    1, running memory, that is, random memory, English abbreviation For RAM, which is equivalent to computer memory, the factory is large, and the capacity cannot be expanded. Generally, it is 1G or 2G. At present, the maximum is 4GB;
    It running memory refers to the memory of the mobile phone running program, also known as RAM (Pocket for short). Another memory is the memory used to store things, just like 8G MP4. It has 8G storage space. This memory is a general called mobile phone memory.
    The operating memory of the mobile phone is the memory of the computer. It cannot be used as a medium for storing data
    2. Storage memory. It is often nominated as ROM in the mobile parameter of the mobile phone (only read memory) In fact, it is not accurate, because it is not only read, and it is more accurate to call the body memory or mobile phone memory. This is equivalent to a computer's hard disk. The capacity is generally above 4GB. At present, the largest is 128GB. If the mobile phone supports the card, it can be expanded. The full series of Apple mobile phones does not support card insertion and cannot be expanded. The application of mobile phone installation is generally installed in the built -in storage, but it cannot be installed directly into the memory card. It is necessary to settle some programs to the memory card through the mobile phone assistant, but not all. Because software such as alarm clocks, input methods, WeChat, etc., the memory card will work abnormally and consume more power. This is the system memory space of the mobile phone.
    Tuba rabbit. Tuba Rabbit [Cited time 2017-12-29]

  2. First of all, I stated that I reposted what kind of mobile phone memory card can be supported. The price of different memory cards is different. The memory card is simple to increase the capacity to digital products. At present, the memory card is suitable for mobile phones for mobile phones It is generally divided into several categories. MMC: The full name is CARD, which was launched by Simonzi and the first Sandisk, which was launched in 1997. The interface design of the MMC is very simple, with only 7 stitches. The operating voltage of MMC is 2.7 volt to 3.6 volts. The writing/read current is only 27mA and 23mA, and the power consumption is very low. The smallest data transmission is based on blocks, and the default block size is 512BYTES. It is a small and large -capacity flash memory card. The shape of the card is about 32 × 24 × 1.4 cubic millimeters. Due to the advanced packaging technology, the MMC card is now quite mature. Its structure is relatively simple, so it has good compatibility, coupled with small volume and strong impact resistance. It can repeatedly write and record 300,000 times. The price is cheap, the applicable surface is wide, and the power consumption is low. Features: mature technology, wide application, low price support models: At present and multi -models support the storage and expansion of MMC cards. Such as Nokia and so on. RS-MMC: In fact, it is a miniature version of ordinary MMC cards, which only cut in length, while interfaces are consistent with ordinary MMC cards. The adapter can be converted into ordinary MMC cards. The size is only half of the ordinary MMC card, and the weight is only 1 gram. However, inherit and follow the advantages and performance characteristics of all the MMC cards. As a technology extension of a memory card, it integrates massive storage and small shapes and size, which basically solves the problem of the space occupied by the long -term memory card that has troubled mobile phone developers. Due to its appearance, the future design of mobile phones may tend to be small. The price is higher than the MMC card. At present, it is not uncommon to support RS -MMC cards in mobile phone products, but some of the Nokia series are supported, but one thing to note is that some Nokia mobile phones have only low voltage (1.8V) RS -MMC card cards Only to be recognized, so you must ask clearly when you buy it. Features: Size and weight of only half of the MMC card support model: Nokia and other SD: is the abbreviation of the Secure Digital Card card. It is literally translated into Chinese as a "security digital card". Developed and developed memory card products. It is developed on the basis of the MMC card. Its length and width are exactly the same as the MMC card. It is slightly thicker than the MMC card. The size is 32 × 24 × 2.1 cubic millimeters, which can accommodate a larger storage unit. It is worth noting that the SD card and the MMC card remain "upward", that is, the MMC card can be used in the mobile phone of the built -in SD expansion card slot, but the SD card cannot be used in mobile phones that only support MMC cards. From the perspective of appearance, the number of SD card interfaces increased from seven stitches of the MMC card to nine, and changed the serial transmission method of the MMC card to parallel transmission method, which greatly increased the transmission speed of the SD card. The physical writing protection function of the SD cards with the protection function of the copyright of the digital content effectively guarantees the security of user data. Therefore, the SD card is claimed to be the most secure memory card in the copyright protection. MMC card. The biggest feature of the SD card is that the encryption function can ensure the security and confidentiality of the data. Features: Strong security, higher speed than MMC cards, and moderate support models: In general, most models that support MMC cards also support SD cards. For example, Dopod, Siemens, Dibit, Motorola, Nokia, etc. Mini SD: As the name suggests, the mini SD card has changed in size compared to the standard SD card. The volume is smaller, and it can be transferred to the standard SD card through the adapter. Support models: NEC, Dopod, etc. TF: Light and small, only half of one yuan coin, about 11 × 15 × 1 cubic millimeters. It is said to be the smallest mobile phone memory card on the market. It has the advantages of both embedded pop -up storage cards and saving space. It also has the flexible characteristics of removable flash memory cards. It does not affect the shape and volume of the mobile phone. Essence Features: The smallest memory card supports models: At present, only a few models in mobile phones support this card, such as Motorola, Samsung, etc. MS/MS Pro/MSD/MS Pro D: The memory card is literally translated as a "memory stick". MS is a high -speed storage medium dedicated to Sony, divided into Memory Stick Duo and Memory Stick. The volume of the long stick is about 50 × 21.5 × 0.28 cubic millimeters, and the weight is 4 grams. It has a protective switch like an SD card. The short rod memory card is much smaller than its predecessor, with a volume of 31 × 20 × 1.6 cubic millimeters and a weight of about 2 grams. It can work normally at a voltage of 2.7V -3.6V. After installing the adapter, it can be used to support the device that supports the long stick memory card. The upgraded version of PRO is a collective name for high -speed rods, which is much higher than ordinary stick speed performance. It is also the most widely used in memory sticks. There are only three global manufacturers: Sony, Sandisk, Lexar. At present, the mobile phone is used in short rods, that is, Memory Stick Duo (ordinary short rod) or Memory Stick Pro Duo (high -speed short rod). Generally speaking, high -speed memory sticks are much faster, and the power consumption is relatively low. Features: fast speed, high performance, strong reading and writing ability, moderate price. Support model: It is only applicable to all Sony Ericsson series.

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