Is this still 1 billion salary? Inventory of the top ten game characters in 2021, the first is to be a survey Blizzard

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  1. Introduction: At present, Chinese players can still keep calm in the grand narrative of the game about the Yuan universe NFT.
    During the annual inventory time again, to be honest, in 2021, the heavy masterpiece is lacking in previous years, and the performance form of several overturning games has not exceeded the huge gap in "Cyberpunk 2077". The greatest new idea, if it can be called "new ideas", is the Yuan universe and NFT running from behind the scenes to the front desk, waving a check (high probability that it is short check), the leader of the industry guys' words and document renovation recovery The project PPT used is urgent to reach the center of the stage. Almost all game manufacturers inevitably involved in the grand narrative context of this digital survival.
    . Although our inventory is called the top ten game "characters", the era of continuous changes has allowed "game characters" to surpass the category of Maolio, Katos, Mandarin Captains, and games. Due to the positive or negative performance of the practitioners outside, it also profoundly affects all aspects of our contact in the game. The battlefield vehicle that loves and hates, even the NFT -like players are afraid of avoiding it, and with a strong sense of existence, it shows the next generation of violent storm.
    10. Bigger than Bigger —— "Biochemical Crisis Village" Timesterec
    In the large -scale series of zombies, female characters The image has become the most eye -catching landscape in the extreme environment of the last days. With the release of "Biochemical Crisis Village" in 2021, the game in the game in the game, Timesterek, the long skirt, and the cheongsam of Eda, Klair's motorcycle leather clothes, and Gil's tube top top top Together, they were displayed into the treasure museum of "Biochemical Crisis".
    The body is tall and huge, and the large size of the porn
    Kujistreku is a female giant with a height of 2 meters. The style of the style of the style, she is also the most successful model of the "Biochemical" series as the most successful model of horror games in the digital age, and re -creation of the classic fantasy image of vampires. In order to correspond to the exaggerated height, SIZE of all parts of the Buber's body is full. In the current era of the so -called ZZZQ pursuit of the so -called ZZZQ in Europe and the United States, Capcom has become the last spiritual home of all the "straight men's straight men". Therefore, from the beginning of the role of the bear's initial role, the image directly broke the circle. After the game was released, it brought considerable traffic to the work. R n 9. "Is this worth it?" - "DOTA2" Meng
    In 2021, my country has made the most stringent restrictions on the duration of minors. The unspeaks of boy skills, without a large number of teenagers as the foundation (compared to the national football situation, it is enough to explain the problem. No exception, there are no exceptions, all of which are "starting from the doll") and left to "Sien" e -sports There is really not much golden time.
    So when LGD defeated TI10 under the situation of the situation, the "mammoth" became the heart of the country's e -sports men in 2021. On the second day after the game, with the rush of the hot search list, many unknown friends thought it was a new film in Jurassic Park or the latest enrollment advertisement of Lanxiang Chef School. When the heat spreads, including Sony, Ubisoft's official micro -began to shake the clever as if it was discussed, and they took out the fierce heat in their own works, but the result was clumsy. No, is this worth it? "Becoming a Gaozan reply, it can be seen that the heat is the media instinct, but the oil on the fire must be distinguished, otherwise it will become a spoonful of public opinion in the pot.
    8. "You are a scourge!" - "The Battle of the Two City" Jin Kesi
    The "DOTA2", naturally the enemy of his life "League of Legends", the highest LOL in 2021, the highest in 2021 The performance of light does not appear in the game, but the great success of adapting the animated drama "The Battle of the Two City". The film is shown in a very high picture of high -screen and full of flesh and blood. It has a comprehensive and symbolic display of the people's settings and world views that only staying on the paper surface. Get a complete arc that runs through the growth line.
    Judging from the character prototype, Jin Kesi is like Harry Quinan in the universe in the universe of "Batman" (the producer also directly expresses inspiration from the perspective of the clown girl), and the kind of clown The difference between the "chaotic manufacturer" in the context of the male context is that Kim Kose reflects the love of the image of "girl punk" in the modern popular culture of the West. The audience countless praise Xu Lun.
    7. I ask you, do something about the Yangmu- "Ghost Action Wilderness" NFT equipment
    If you stand in the future, what changes in the game industry in 2021 will eventually produce far -reaching farming The influence (regardless of whether it is positive or negative), I think that major manufacturers have piled up the wasteland universe, and all the tilted parts of the tilted Demono bone cards that are neatly placed.
    NFT enters the public's field of vision. It is almost from Curry this year. Please change the two -dimensional avatar. The word is "Yuan Universe", accompanied by NFT. I have experienced the experience of frying cards (you can simply understand as speculatory shoes), so I have a bit more appreciated about the so -called business logic of NFT, but in my opinion, the Yuan universe is really a "Cyber ​​health product". In addition to changing the poverty -stricken leeks, can the capitalist do something about the Yang. As for the NFT equipment of "Ghost Action Wilderness" from many Yuan universe game products to enter the list, it means that the game manufacturers are facing the unknown Yuan universe "money scene", and they must rush more than a wave of anyway, 2022 2022, 2022 The news about the game and the Yuan universe and the NFT are destined to have only a lot. I really should write the words of Ah Q: "Go together, go together."
    The game began the trial of the digital "financial management", and sincerely hoped that he failed
    6, "FXXK Oscar", even if it was turned up- "Two Things" No. 2 player
    "Chengxing" won the TGA annual game, and his producer Joseph Fars also officially stepped into the fame of the game developer from the irritable elder brother of "FXXK Oscar".
    C selection of "Player 2" (Player 2) to enter the list, on the one hand, it is a praise for Farc's adherence to his own game development concept; on the other hand, two -player game, especially the non -confrontation, is proven There is a lot of room for creative improvement. I hope that in the future, other manufacturers should always stare at many people to fight zombies, many people grab banks, and many people eat chicken "mechanical repeated" tabbles, because "Two Things" adheres to the two players. It is the excellent creativity that Fars continuously provides freshness during the game. Only more games like "Double" appear, can those friends who do not contact the game as usual, stay on the TV as the second player. Enjoy the happiness of the game before.
    5. "New National Bank PS5 spot self -mention, 4xxx, no knife" -Thow
    as a game physical store operator and game media writer, I frequently received media teachers this year Various inquiries of the situation, after a while, is a market volatility that a large parallel dealer may produce after being checked by the customs. Some of me can indeed provide an in -industry perspective, but in more, why can't I eat by the sky?
    has been one year, and buying spot PS5 still has to increase the price
    Speaking of the sky, to this year, PS5 is still unlikely to buy the PS5 host at any time after the PS5 host is available at any time. As a typical image that can be discussed by players, it has become more blurred now, or more fashionable, that is, the ox is "decentralized".
    The previous price has been fired high. Of course, the most obvious profitability is to hoard the cow. This year, there is indeed a social news that customs seal sealing parallel products and collecting a large number of smuggling game consoles. Today, the oxen and the tradition of employment merchants are not directly equal. From sneakers to tide playing, these popular culture -related products are behind the second -class market (the construction of online platforms is actually very important, many many, many of them are very important. Many are very important. Many are very important. Many are very important. People often ignore this. Before they do not have something, the sneaker culture is a niche circle) and the environment of "everyone falls down". After buying, turn to the seafood market for hundreds of dollars. Who can't try luck?
    4. The happy life of the Internet addicted to the elderly -Boshiko Sakaguchi
    The father of the "Final Fantasy" series, Sakaguchi Boxin obsessed with "Final Fantasy 14". Outside the content update itself, the most topical news. As Sakaguchi Boxin's personal social account was filled with the push related to FF14, the players were amazed by the master of the JRPG, and they actually showed such high enthusiasm for MMO.
    From start -up wasteland to achieve considerable game achievements in a short period of time, Sakaguchi Boxin, as a KOL player with his own instructor halo, naturally has also received professional guidance from people in the industry. As the most successful MMO at present, "FF14" is still strong in 2021. The father of the series seems to be accidentally entering the pit. It is not the official business of SE officially planned. The enthusiasts can still get the joy of growing in the new game and the movement of discovering new things. It is estimated that the future is not far away, just like the "Heart of the Kingdom" in the "Heart of the Kingdom" also pays tribute to this mentor with a master of swordsmanship. A NPC was added to "FF14". He kept a handful of beaches and watched the new generation of players galloping on the fantasy ground.
    3. "Don't be fascinated by sister, sister is a legend" -Sams
    "The fear of survival of Mitterrod" is a new work for more than ten years of silence, although not on the system on the system What a major breakthrough with technology, but the protagonist Samus runs rigorous in Swiss watch. In the designed compact level, he uses a smooth action shooting experience to re -determine the supreme rivers and lakes of the "Galaxy City Master". status. Relatively speaking, the more regrets is that "Survival Fear" has not been able to get a large range of two games in our country as other NS game masterpieces (such as "Moly Mori", "Extraordinary Sword", "Louis Ghost House"). The main reason may be due to the difficulty of the game, the type of gameplay is relatively vertical, and this time there is no series of traditional artistic energy, that is, Sams's customs clearance rewards for combat uniforms.
    2. "What is the problem with" Battlefield 2042 "?" - "Battlefield 2042" amphibious combat boat
    Although the BUG of the combat boat climbing the skyscraper at the time of this article has been officially repaired, "Battlefield 2042 "The mud header" that dominated each battlefield during the starting phase is still unfortunately reduced to a micro -tragedy that is comparable to rotten at the end of this year.
    This outside the airplane is strong, or you can sit inside
    1. Devil's spokesperson -Bobby Koki
    as the CEO of Activision Blizzard, Bobby Kobedick is undoubted It is one of the most successful company operators in the industry. For a whole year in 2021, the surrounding Blizzard has continuously revealed a variety of icing company scandals, and the complaints are confessed to instead of all games related to all games, so that those who are only interested in the survey Blizzard are also worried about To what extent will the game you like.
    The acting of Blizzard did not let the player worry about "falling". Employees in important positions have left one after another, and the game update and development have almost stagnated, and the wind and rain are shaking. Although the two "expensive things" of "COD Cold War" and "COD Pioneer" still have the sales list The bottom line of the series, even more importantly, the major update of the theater at the end of the year. In fact, the "COD Modern War" and "COD Cold War" that can be maintained by the multi -person model can also be maintained. Extinction, players complained, and what the surrounding vision did was to put a new gold combination package for players to pay for consumption, what?
    In the final analysis, regardless of the rotten corporate culture of Blizzard, or around Kao Dick's individual, the most solid backing of the allegations of the workplace and private ethics is still -money. I have to admit that Kobedick is a master who uses the game to make money. He subscribed for surrounding stock stocks before selling "Modern Warfare 2". After the game was released, he was well received. Employees have also kept COD still maintaining the rhythm of the annual goods. This is the foundation for him to ask the company's board of directors of $ 155 million (nearly 1 billion yuan).
    It what makes people feel ironic today, "COD Pioneer" has produced the BUFF stack of Comrade Aryan Girl who defeated from the Nazi camp in the game. Kobeik is a squeezing employee, sexually harassing, and doing everything in order to make money and ignore the quality of the game. It is really more lacking in reality. The more the virtual world is to create. I don't expect much about the industry in 2022. If I can I no longer see Koidik, I was satisfied.
    In conclusion: 2021 is a small year for the game, but for the industry that is still in the impact of the epidemic and is impacted by the Yuan Universe, it is destined to have a profound influence. Let us wait and see next year. At this time, what reason will there be on the list because of which reason.

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