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  1. WTW has only one meaning: the organization is fresh, the full name is: Wet Tissue Weight.
    The key vocabulary: Wet
    adj. [Meteorological] [object] humid; rainy
    n. nvt. Wet
    vi. Wetness
    n. (Wet) people; ; Past formula: Wet or Wetted; past segments: Wet or Wetted; comparative level: Wetter; Senior: WetTEST]
    WET PAINT paint is not dry; paint; not dry; English composition r r r r
    The use of words: weight
    n. (noun)
    1, weight's basic meaning is "weight, weight", or "heavy characteristics" and "gravity". Indicates "load, burden", which is usually used only in the form of order.
    2, weight can also be used as "weight units" or "different components" solution. It can be used for countless nouns or countless nouns.
    3, weight can also be used as "scales, weights" and "heavy objects", which can be countless nouns.

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