Which department to report illegal fundraising MLM?

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  1. I. Which department of illegal fund -raising MLM? Illegal fundraising is criminal crime, suspected of raising fund fraud and illegal absorption of public deposits. It is recommended to report the case to the local public security organs in a timely manner. It is the main responsible person to crack down on illegal fund -raising to determine the local government. It should fully responsible for the illegal fund -raising and disposal work in the area to eliminate regulatory vacuum. In addition, illegal fund -raising is criminal crime, suspected of funding fraud and illegal absorption of public deposits, and it is recommended to report the case to the local public security organs in a timely manner. 2. How do ordinary people judge whether it is an illegal fund -raising? To determine whether it is illegal fundraising, it depends on whether to use the fraud method to illegally raise funds. If one of the following circumstances, it can be identified as "the purpose of illegal possession": 1. No need to do after fundraising. If the scale of production and operation activities or production and operation activities is obviously not proportioned to the scale of raising funds, the fundraising funds cannot be returned; Fund funds for illegal criminal activities; 5. Escape, transfer funds, hide property, avoid repayment funds; 6. Hidden, destroy accounts, or fake bankruptcy, false closure, evade the return of funds; 7. refuse to explain the funds The whereabouts, evading the return of funds; 8. Other circumstances that can determine the purpose of illegal possession. 3. What are the illegal fund -raising performances of the online lending platform? 1. In the name of overseas companies, falsely publicize the so -called investment in overseas financial management, gold, futures and other projects.会; 2、收款账户系以外国人名义在境内开立的账户,用于接收投资人的投资款; 3、许诺高收益的公司的网站注册地、服务器所在地在境外或公司高管系外国People, fake publicity; 4. With network virtual currency appreciation, spot transactions, fund mutual assistance, gold, precious metals, futures, foreign exchange transactions, etc., they seduce investors to invest, especially encouraging the development of others and given commissions. Personal accounts or cash collecting funds, on -site or instant delivery principal gives some commission, dividends, interest; 6. promised ultra -high yields, especially promised "static" and "dynamic" income; Scope, especially not engaged in financial business qualifications. In summary, in the current investment and wealth management markets, various investment products have emerged endlessly. Some online lending platforms are illegally funded with financing, bringing economic losses to many investors. In illegal fund -raising crimes, the proportion of MLM is not small. When people encounter illegal fund -raising, they should report to the public security organs as soon as possible. Now governments in various localities have financial offices, and they can also accept such complaints and reports.

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