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  1. The KDJ indicator is a type of technical analysis indicator. It has a good role in the indication of the trading point. Sometimes we can modify the participation of the KDJ indicator according to the different market. So how do the KDJ indicator set the parameters?

    1. If it is a computer version of the transaction software. Generally, you can press the F3 to enter the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index, and then press the F5 to enter the K -line diagram of the Shanghai Stock Index. Press F8 to 60 minutes K -line diagram. Enter the "KDJ" and return. The color line, then click right, there will be a drop -down menu jump out, and select the adjustment of the indicator parameters.

    2. If it is a trading software on the mobile phone. Find any market, find "setting" in the K -line diagram, find the KDJ indicator, and click the nearby menu option to enter the indicator page for settings.

    3. We generally judge the opportunity of buying and selling through the cross -selling area of ​​the KDJ indicator and the intersection of the indicator. However, it should be noted that when the KD value is hovering or crossed at about 50%, it is relatively meaningless, and the speculative stocks are not suitable for the KDJ indicator.

    above is the sharing of the KDJ index content. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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