What to do if the registered company has no office location

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    This may be the choice of company registration address. According to the provisions of the company’s registration regulations, Article 12 The company’s residence is the place where the company’s main office is located. There is only one residence of the company registered by the company’s registration authority. The company’s residence should be within the jurisdiction of its company’s registration authority. However, there are many inconsistent registered sites and actual business addresses now, but if the Industrial and Commercial Bureau finds inconsistent in the field review process, it will be included in the list of operations. R will be included.

  2. You can choose to register the address. The linker address can be a virtual address or the actual address. The virtual address is that this address is only provided for you to apply for industrial and commercial registration. You cannot work here.
    The benefit of virtual address registration company:
    1. The cost of no enterprise registered address
    The virtual address is an address that belongs to various investment promotions. Shanghai Express is a government support. The park is directly recruited by the park, which can provide free registered address permanently, only for you who have the dream of a registered company.
    2. Preferential tax policies, high corporate tax return
    virtual address as a policy provided by major development zones in Shanghai. Promotion, Choi Chuangtong, main promotion, Baoshan and Chongming Park, with a maximum tax return of 40%.
    . The change of the registered address of the field company
    The on -site registration is to use its own office as a company’s registered address. Once the company wants to change the office address, the provider of the address will ask the enterprise to change the registered address. We know that the company’s registered address change takes a long time, and it needs to submit a change application to the Industry and Commerce Bureau, which is troublesome. Even if it is handed over to the agent, it costs a lot of costs, and there is no such problem in the virtual address of the park.
    . Will there be risks in inconsistency between the registered address and office address?
    It virtual address as a national recognition, a general use of investment in the Shanghai Development Zone. Fast Chuangtong Xiaobian tells everyone: This is completely okay! As long as you can find you at any time in the registered place of business and taxation at any time, there will be no problem.

  3. There are two types of general solutions for registered companies without registered addresses: one is the office building that can be registered for registered; the other is to find the company’s registration agency.
    For example, the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau Shenshi Supervisor (2010) No. 16 Documents on Implementing the “Several Measures of the Shenzhen Market Supervision Administration on serving the healthy and rapid development of the city’s e -commerce market” related to the registered registration policy Article 1 of the implementation opinions (e -commerce operators without office entities can use the residence or office area of ​​the business secretary enterprise as a corporate residence, that is, “can register a company without office space”).
    1. The advantages of registered companies without office space:
    (1) You do not need to rent an office address independently, you can work at home, save a lot of entrepreneurial costs
    (2) The government’s legal support, settled in safety and reliability
    (3) Collection of government and bank letters
    2, registered company conditions without office space:
    (1) Industries and projects engaged in are limited to e -commerce.
    (2) There is no business place for other business activities in this city.
    (3) No bad credit records.
    3, registered company processing company process:
    (1) Fill in the “Application Form for the Business Secretary Enterprise”
    (2) Provide a pre -approval notice or business legal person business license n (3) Provide a copy of all shareholders’ ID cards, the identity certificate of the legal representative, and 2 photos of 1 inch color photos
    (4) Signed the “Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of Residence”
    (5) Pay in accordance with the requirements of the “Office of the Office of the Office of the Office”
    (6) The business secretary enterprise handles the “Office of the Office of the Office of Residence”, and prepares a copy of the business secretary with a copy of the business secretary The official seal and the business secretary business license copy of the business license will be handed over to the customer after stamping the official seal.

  4. There are no office sites for registered companies. Generally, there are three solutions:

    1. Applying for the government to provide ovulation device address: In order to encourage entrepreneurship and drive the economic development of the suburban area, in order to encourage entrepreneurship, the country implements a series of policies to implement a series of policies. It includes providing free registration addresses, which means that the park government provides virtual registration address. This address is recognized. After the company is registered, it can be operated anywhere in the city. Later, the address change is made according to the actual address to the industry and commerce.
    2. Secondly, you can register with your own residential address: In order to promote social labor and employment, various local governments now encourage SMEs to regulate that household housing can also be registered, but the community neighborhood committee must be proved and cannot affect other residential households. rest.
    3. You can choose virtual address to be reliable: if the above two addresses cannot be provided, you can choose the virtual address. At present, the country is allowed to use the virtual address to register. At present, there are many ovulation devices in the market. There are many incubators on the market now. , Zhongchuang Space, cluster office address can handle address custody, and provide lease contracts, custody agreements or venue certificates, etc., to ensure that there will be no problems during registration and registration.

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  5. If you do n’t have an office address, you can find an agency like us, you can provide the address
    1, the company’s “Establishment Application for Establishment of the Company” signed by the company’s legal representative; n3, the qualification certificate of the legal person shareholders or the ID card of the natural person shareholder and its copy;
    4, the postal documents and ID cards of directors, supervisors and managers; R n6, the proxy ID card and its copy;
    7, certification of residence.
    Note: The preparation of the certification materials used in the residence is divided into the following three cases:
    (1) If you are your own real estate, you need a copy of the real estate certificate and copy your own ID card;
    (2 (2 (2 (2 ) If you rent a house, you need a copy of the real estate certificate signed by the landlord, a copy of the landlord’s ID card, the lease contract signed and stamped with the two parties, and rent invoices;
    (3) If it is an office building under the name of a company rented, The company needs a copy of the real estate certificate with the official seal, the company’s business license copy, the lease contract signed and stamped by the two parties, and rent invoices.

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