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  1. The Basic Law stipulates that the legislative power is exercised by the parliament. The Federal German Parliament implements the two institutions. The legislative powers of the Federal House are mainly: proposed and passed the bill to supervise the implementation of the law. The legislative powers of the federal Senate are mainly: the bill is proposed, the bill passed by the Federal House, and exercise legislative veto.
    The Based on the Basic Law of the German Federation, the Basic Principles of the Federal and State Budget, the Federal Budget Law, and the Federal Promoting Economic Stability and Development Law, the budget review power is the main power of the parliament "Three Readers" review and the two hospitals. Each year, the Federal House of House was reached by the "Draft Draft Budget" submitted by the government. The budget for the budget review team was submitted to the budget committee after reviewing the budget review team, and the opinions of relevant institutions, social groups, audit departments and experts and scholars were publicly listened to. In November, the budget committee completed the review and proposal submitted to the Federal House conference. As a basis for the second and third reading, the Federal Senate made opinions on the budget before the second reading. Discuss each budget during the second reading, vote by item by item, and formulate the proposal and decision to modify the bill. Three reads comprehensively reviewed the draft budget and budget planning, and finally formed a budget bill. The Federal House passed the Federal Senate after passing the budget bill. If there was any objections, it passed the coordination of the coordination committee of the council. The budget bill can generally take effect on January 1 of the following year.
    one of the functions of the German Federal House is to supervise the government. The purpose of the Federal House is to stop the government's abuse of power, promote the government to clarify the work, and urge the government to improve the work. The supervision of parliament is mainly political, legal and financial supervision. Political standards are the political concepts and policies of the public and political parties. Legal supervision is to check whether government work is legal in accordance with the law. Financial supervision is made through funding procedures to audit and inspect whether the government's various departments use public funds and meet legal goals.
    The federal parliament has no direct personnel rights, but according to Article 54 of the Basic Law, the Federal President is elected by the Federal Conference without discussion. The federal conference convened by the Federal House Speaker is composed of the state parliament members of the Federal House and the same number of state parliaments elected according to the proportion. More than half of the members of the Federal General Assembly were elected as the Federal President. According to Article 63, the Federal House is elected by the Federal House of Federal Prime Minister in accordance with the federal presidential nomination. More than half of the federal House of Federal House was elected as the Federal Prime Minister. Elected people must be appointed by Federal President.

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