Today, I played CF and CSOL at the same time, and found that the quality is not good. I caught people or was caught in CF. I sent a God to say that God you.

6 thoughts on “Today, I played CF and CSOL at the same time, and found that the quality is not good. I caught people or was caught in CF. I sent a God to say that God you.”

  1. The quality in CSOL has never seen a good player who meets good players or takes the initiative to send you a gun, but if you encounter a bad, you say that he scolds you if you are not right. One person said that I was not full yet, and a NC said, rolling without full. That's it. Look at the name of the room. I think this person's mind is almost wrong. If you don't have any education to talk to others, can others be so low when others are wrong? Strange, very strange. Moreover, the CSOL number robbing problem is very serious. It has been solved so many years of Tiancheng. Finally, it can be repaid. It hurts me to buy a dead insurance number. I can't change the password every day. The number I lost in 10 years was found, but I have lost it for a year. How did Tiancheng solve the problem of numbers at that time? I'm afraid I don't! Intersection Because CSOL has a lot of permanent equipment, some people in CSOL are more greedy, so you have to stole the number of the CF number to be stolen? Buddy goes to ask a few people to see how many people have lost at least one number! And the CSOL biochemical mode is increasingly outrageous to kill a mother! Instead, there is no fatal blow, no good gun, it is difficult to grab points. Besides, Hanbok does not need money Barbie. And it is the most biochemical model that is the best. I do n’t dare to catch people to play biochemical. It's all the truth. Essence Each has its own good, but all of them can only choose to play better, so I choose CSOL

  2. I think people in CSOL are getting more and more impetuous now. Without the original happiness, than guns, bites, than killing enemies, more than honor titles, 唉 ... I still like the original that there is no discrimination against discrimination. There is no artifact -free era that has no comparison ...

  3. Haha, ignore them. Entering our team, we are also the first, the second, the second technology. There are very few people, but they are humble. If you want to come, we are going to go to the storm war zone. Add my deduction 973811390 to the team. Otherwise, don't know

  4. Comrade, I understand you, playing this kind of game is either you die or I live. What is not good to play is the tolerance in your heart. If you recommend that you ca n’t beat it, you can play a virtual mode to abuse the computer. Or your next game like DNF, playing monsters. Relieve it! The mood every day is important!

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