How to score high scores to simulate the city war

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  1. The disasters in the game are divided into various sizes. Setting large -scale disasters can destroy a large number of buildings in enemy cities, and therefore can bring a large number of war points.
    but corresponding to it, the players will consume the war items and energy points that the disaster will consume more. For this reason, we must make planning early.
    Ittically, players can unlock new disasters by collecting disaster cards. And once you have multiple disasters on your hand, there are more room for turning to earn war points. In addition, the additional disaster cards obtained in the game can also strengthen the unlocked disaster, which will cause greater damage to the enemy’s city.
    The city must have infrastructure and apartment houses. At the same time, the beauty of the city is also an important point. The architecture of this work has a style. The apartment houses are different according to the required materials. The completion of the building also has a variety of styles, as is the infrastructure.
    and the game can even unlock exclusive buildings in the later period, such as Big Ben and Arc de Triomphe. The game supports two fingers 360 rotation, and can appreciate your unique building without dead ends.
    The citizenship in this work is an extremely important part, not only the bonus of experience, the source of gold coins and warehouse expansion items. In daily games, citizens will also put forward their own opinions to players to remind them what infrastructure is not built.

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