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  1. You can bring pets on the plane: 1. According to the aviation passengers carrying pets, passengers who need to transport pets in the cabin need to apply to the ticket office of HNA directly 24 hours in advance. 2. You need to prepare two certificates. It is an animal quarantine certificate issued by animal health supervision agencies. You must fill in a “carrying tools for disinfection” column and stamp the special seal of animal hygiene supervision on the documents. 3. Pets should be packaged separately, and the total weight (including pets and pet boxes) must not exceed 5kg (including). The pet box should be placed under the front row of the chair. The length, width and height of the pet box must not exceed 35 x 28 x 24 cm. 4. For the transportable pet type that can be transported, there is currently HNA’s “restricted pet varieties”. Cats and dogs domesticated by ordinary families can be required for more than 6 months. They are healthy, not pregnant, and do not give birth within 48 hours. The standard cost is 800 yuan per pet.

  2. Can pets be available on the plane
    Pets can pets be on the plane? Pets are not just playmates for many people. More people treat their pets as their own family. This makes if you want to change your urban life, everyone often leaves with their pets. Can pets be available on the plane?
    Pets can be plane on the plane without one plane and can bring pet dogs, but the quarantine certificate is required to apply for consignment.
    If according to the “Domestic Transportation Rules of Chinese Civil Aviation Passenger Luggage”, passengers need to submit and provide animal quarantine certificates when purchasing tickets or setting up seats. They can be checked after the carrier’s consent. Passengers should send small animals to the airport to check the check -in procedures at the specified time on the day of the plane.
    It if you want to bring a pet dog, try to confirm whether the flight of the flight is allowed to bring a pet, that is, whether the plane has a living animal cargo compartment. In addition, if pet dog motion sickness and airplanes need to consult a doctor first and prepare the corresponding medicines.
    Is when taking a pet dog, you can prepare a small amount of food in the aircraft box, and place some pets that your favorite toys to reduce the anxiety of the dog. Even if the pet dog does not motion sick, at least 3 hours of fasting before boarding, urinate before boarding, and minimize the discomfort of the stomach during travel.
    If off the pet dog for a plane, you can go to the airport to check the pet check -in for three hours in advance. Of course, you can also entrust airfreck companies to handle it. The cost may be lower, but you need to do more time in advance.
    Q, which pets can be checked?
    A, meow, Wang, Totoro, hamster, goldfish ,,,,,,,,
    The civil aviation transportation in China has regulations that small animals refer to pets and dogs raised by families to play pets. Wildlife and animals such as weird or easy to hurt people such as snakes do not belong to small animals and cannot be checked as luggage, but can be regarded as cargo. So if your pet baby is not a kitten puppy, you need to pay special attention.
    Q, can pets enter the cabin?
    A. Under normal circumstances, it is not possible ~
    The civil aviation specifications that, except for the guide dogs such as airlines, listening dogs and other working dogs, general pets cannot enter the cabin with the owner. When pets are plane, they will put in the aerobic compartment with other checked baggage.
    Pre -preparation
    1. Applying for the cabin for pets
    The number of small animals on each flight is limited. You can check it out with the consent of the airline
    Is to determine whether the flight is allowed to carry pets or whether there is a living animal cargo compartment before buying tickets.
    It is understood that the current models operated by domestic airlines are mainly medium -sized aircraft such as Boeing 737 and Airbus 320. For example, aircraft flying to Yinchuan, Xining, Panzhihua and other cities have no oxygen cabin.
    If insurance, please do a good job with the airline when ordering a ticket.

    2. Preparation of animal quarantine certificates
    The airlines will request passengers to provide animal quarantine certificates issued by the health quarantine department at or above the county level. The quarantine certificate is valid for the longest 7 days, so be sure to handle it in advance.
    3. Buy pet air box
    The pets must be installed in a strong container suitable for their characteristics. It is recommended to go to pet shops or related regular online stores to buy airboxes. Generally, dozens of areas, a few hundred can get a good air box.
    Is can be placed in the aircraft box before using some cotton pads, old clothing or waste newspapers to increase the comfort of pet flight.
    before boarding
    1. Do a good job of health inspections
    The before traveling, don’t forget to help your favorite vaccine you need. If you don’t worry, you can take a pet doctor first to ensure that your pet’s physical health and mental state are good and suitable for travel.
    2. Fasting for 3 hours
    The pets fast at least 3 hours before boarding, and determine that your cute pet boarded the toilet before boarding the plane.可以在飞行箱内放一个饮水器,飞行途中空气干燥,宠物容易口渴,毕竟不能渴着我们小可爱呀~rn    3、提前去机场办理托运手续rn   在乘机的当日, At the time specified by the airline, the pet is transported to the airport to check the check -in procedures.
    For example, China Southern Airlines stipulates that passengers should transport small animals to the airport to check the check -in procedures on the day of the flight departure time. For specific procedures, you can consult the airport ground service staff.
    If the entrustment of air freight companies to handle, the cost may be lower, but it should be handled more time in advance.
    The weight of small animals and their containers is charged separately according to the standards of overweight luggage fees.
    In after arrival
    If the luggage consignment channel, then pets are reached at the same time; if it is a cargo transportation channel, you need to “pick up” for your pet. Xiao Heng felt that it had been closed for so long in the narrow and dark cage. The pet must be very wronged, and you need your comfort and hug.
    Finally, if you don’t want to be separated from your family, you want to bring them into the cabin, you can find out the special passenger service of HNA. In addition, Sichuan Airlines, China Southern Airlines, and China Eastern Airlines all have pet aerobic compartment services.
    Pets can be available on the plane. According to the “Instructions for Air Passengers Carrying Pets”, passengers who need to transport pets in the cabin need to apply 24 hours in advance to the Ticket Office of HNA. You need to prepare two certificates.
    1 is an animal quarantine qualification certificate issued by animal health supervision agencies. You must fill in the “Carrying tool disinfection bar and stamped with animal hygiene supervision of animal hygiene supervision on the documents.
    Pets should be packaged separately, total weight (including pets and pet boxes) must not exceed 5kg (including). Pet box should be put Below the front row of the chair. The length, width and height of the pet box must not exceed 35X28X24 cm.

    The pets can bring on the plane. Pets on the plane of the pets need to pay attention to:
    1, It must be checked and cannot carry the plane with you.
    . Some domestic flights bring up to one pet on the plane.
    . The total weight of the pet container, pet food and water, and pets cannot exceed more 32 kilograms.
    4. The pets that are checked cannot be in the following stage: less than 6 months of pregnancy (about production), less than 48 hours of delivery.
    5. Certificate of vaccination, animal quarantine and other proof must be .
    At present, some domestic flights in HNA can allow passengers to buy tickets for pets to enter the cabin at a price of 800 yuan. Each flight can only bring one into the cabin, each flight is up to 2. R N What kind of items should we pay attention to when we are flying? Then we allow the plane? Then I will explain to my friends.
    These are all kinds of products when you go out. Can these be brought to the plane? These can be taken on the plane. However, there are certain restrictions. According to relevant requirements, cosmetics and skin care products can be taken on the plane, but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it,,,,,,,,,,,每一种产品只可以携带一件,除此之外,都不能够超过100毫升的。rn   需要注意的是,指甲油、护手霜、精华液、卸妆水、睫毛膏、牙膏、 Sunscreen, shower gel, shampoo, perfume, lotion, lotion, etc. are liquid products.
    and all these products can only be placed in a transparent bag in a 1000ml of transparent bags inside, and it is necessary Pull the buckle tightly. One person can only take a transparent bag to fly on the plane, and the extra ones can only be checked, and you cannot take it with you.
    also need to pay attention to one thing. The products that are not available can not be taken on the plane.
    The minority ethnic minorities often use and wear some hidden knives, boots and waist knives, etc. Due to their living habits. None of the control knives can be carried on the plane, nor can it be checked.
    It people may bring some diesel, pesticides, alcohol, kerosene, battery, gasoline, gasoline, and gasoline due to work needs and home needs. , Paint and other items, and these products cannot be carried on the plane.
    Masis that are flammable and explosive, toxic, radioactive, and corrosive products cannot be available on the plane. Those who belong to explosive items can not be used Go on the plane. And hunting [gun], props [gun], sample [gun], etc. are [gun] support, police, military equipment, and military tools, which cannot be brought to the plane.
    Pets can be on the plane without 3 pets, but they can be carried on the plane in a consignment. Consignment pets should also pay attention to:
    1. Some flights can be checked 2, but some flights can only consign one pet.
    2. The pets that are checked are not wild animals, animals with characteristics such as vulnerable to others (such as: snakes).
    3. The total weight of the container containing pets cannot exceed 32kg (including the weight of container pet water food).
    4. Pets checked must have “Certificate of Alignation of Animal Quarantine” and “Vaccine Injection Certificate”.
    5. Within 48 hours of delivery, less than 8 weeks of birth (some airlines are 6 months), pets/pregnancy/breastfeeding pets cannot be checked.
    New part of HNA’s domestic flights allow pets to enter the cabin (800/piece), one person is a maximum of one, and each flight is up to 2.

    On how to bring pets on the plane application process:
    1. First when buying tickets, please consult the airline whether there is a living animal cargo compartment. Essence
    2. The animal quarantine certificate should be opened in the health and epidemic prevention department in advance, and the validity period is generally 7 days when the animal quarantine certificate is valid.
    3. Buy a safe ventilation airbox for pets.
    4. Before registering, do a good job of epidemic prevention for pets, inject vaccines, and prepare water heaters and foods in the aviation box.
    5. After the purpose, if the pet walks the luggage consignment channel, it can be received at the outlet. Go pick up the place.

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