The dog’s eyes were beaten, and there is a way to deal with congestion

The dog’s eyes were beaten, and there was congestion. The sun didn’t dare to open his eyes and didn’t dare to look up. What should I do? What medicine do I need? Can I drop my eye drops?

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  1. Can give dogs with chlorampolin eye drops to eliminate inflammation.
    It is prone to symptoms after the dog is beaten. Eye congestion is a common phenomenon. At this time, you don’t have to worry. You can give the dog a drop of eye drops that can be anti -inflammatory, and then take care of the dogs and observe the observation. Its healing, see if the congestion has improved, but if it doesn’t work, take the dog to a pet hospital for medical treatment.
    Dog feeding precautions
    do not allow puppies to have the opportunity to swallow chicken bones, pork ribs or fish bones, because they will stay in the throat, and then crack. , Ping the stomach wall and intestine.
    Is do not let puppies eat people’s leftovers, because the demand for nutrition is different from humans. If it is used to condition dog food with human recipes Camp-support should be mainly dog ​​food.

  2. You can first see if there is a bleeding point itself
    If the congestion is nothing to do.
    It you can use erythromycin eye ointment to squeeze into the dog’s eyes
    Before going to bed, you can keep your eyes closed.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, kiss. The red eyes of the dog may have the following reasons: First, the foreign body enters the eyes, which stimulates the eyes to cause the eyes to become red. The owner first soothe the dog, then check the eyes, and wash the eyes with cleaning liquid. Second, the dog’s eyes appear upside down, and the owner can cut or pull off the eyelashes. Third, the eyes are infected with bacteria, causing conjunctivitis, etc., which need to be taken to the hospital for treatment in time.nAsk a four -month -old babies bite my wife, I hit his right mouth and head a lotnAs a result, the right eye was congestednWhat kind of eye drops do you record?nThere is no significant improvement in one nightnAnswer what potions did you use for himnQuestion recordingnAnswer if the dog’s condition is serious, of course, you should still go to the hospital immediately. However, if there are only mild symptoms, then you can also take care of the dog at home. A diligent wipe: Wipe the secretions outside the diseased dogitis, which can not only make it more comfortable, but also accelerate the recovery of the disease. B cleansing fluid: In addition to wipe your eyes with water, you can also use the ophthalmology eye clearing fluid to remove the secretion. Pet hospitals or pharmacies that are prescribed are all sold in the same type. As long as you read the instructions in the instructions, you can use it with confidence. C Apply eye: You can use a slightly warm wet gauze to cover the sick dog’s eyes for five minutes. This not only makes the dog feel comfortable, but also achieve the cleaning effect. D Xiu Mao: Some long hair dogs are rubbing the eyes around the eyes, and finally may cause conjunctivitis. As long as these excess hairs are trimmed, the eyes can avoid the problem of being stimulated by hair. E chloromycin eye drops: essential drugs for the eyes can treat conjunctivitis and keratitis. Due to its cheap price, it can be washed without eye disease to keep the eye clean. It is particularly important for dog breeds such as Jingbao and Big Vehicle, which are raised and raised. F erythromycin eye cream: It is the same as chloramphenicillin eye drops, and the eye cream can be wiped on the eyeball, which can play a longer effect for a longer period of time.n6 morenBleak

  4. At least you have to bring your pet hospital first, and be formal! To do a check, if it is only congested, then buy some anti -inflammatory potion for him! You don’t know what’s the situation, and no one answered it clearly! If you just listen to others, you know what disease is, then do n’t have a hospital!

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