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  1. Pets refer to creatures for people's spiritual purposes, not for economic purposes. Traditional pets refer to animals that lactate or birds, which are used for rewards and companions. Let me share some English words about pets, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
    . How to say the English word of pet
    1. House Pet
    Other related explanations:
    example sentences and usage:
    1. My daughter raised a rabbit As a pet. My Daugy Keeps A Rabbit as Pet.
    2. Her pet is a thick and fluffy dog. Her Pet is a shaggy dog.
    3. I raised some chicks as pets. I Breed Some Chicks for Pets.
    4. This little girl hugs her pet cat. The Little Girl Cuddled Her Pet Cat.
    5. We moved the pets soon and had to get a pet. Before Long Our Family Moved and Had to Give the Pet Away.
    6. Many pets suffered due to excessive feeding. Many Pets are victims of.
    7. Do you have any pets? Yes, I have three three. Rabbit and a turtle .`have you got any pets? There are enough! I have enough in my life with having to look after your size pets!
    . Other similar translations
    pet hous n pet house
    n Pet shop SHOP
    Pet nanny Sitter
    Tet snack Treats
    electronic pet Cyberpet
    pet food FOOD
    n corresponding words
    will animal
    Pronunciation: Ying [WAILD ?? nim? L] beauty [wa? Ld ?? n? L]
    1. What is the between a pet and a will animal?
    What is the difference between pets and animals?
    2. We should propy the wild animal. N we Wildlife should be protected.
    The word analysis: wild
    adj. Wild; savage; uns development; enthusiastic
    adv. n

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