Can the golden retriever dog eat egg yolk and carrots after 45 days?

The dog is only 4 pounds. Can I eat egg yolk and carrots after 45 days?

5 thoughts on “Can the golden retriever dog eat egg yolk and carrots after 45 days?”

  1. Carrot and egg yolk is possible
    The carrot can not be equipped with chicken liver. Remember because it will accelerate the calcium loss of the dog. It is recommended that carrot and chicken breast. This is the best
    Due to the cholesterol is too high
    . As for the problem of hairy color, I do n’t know what the dog is now
    , all the golden retrievers will be darker than when they are small. Don't rush to grow more and more beautiful as you grow older!

  2. Hehe, it's all good things, no problem. My golden retriever eats this. Carrots and kelp are Meimao's secret recipes. If you don't believe it, you can check the practice of homemade dog food. For a while, my dogs went on a hunger strike on dog food, so I used egg yolk to mix dog food.
    But the best thing to pay attention to. For 45 days, the baby is weaned. It is best to feed the special puppies for golden retriever on time. But after my dog ​​was 1 year old, I bought a small freezer and made a homemade dog food for him. Unless I did n’t have time to do it to feed dog food, dog food is fast food. Who can stand all day?
    It hope it will be helpful to you

  3. It doesn't matter if you eat it, but don't eat it every day. It is said that it can be poisoned by vitamin A n. Since it is a pet dog or a puppies or dog food, it is a staple food
    The nutrition can be more balanced more balanced.

  4. Eating egg yolk a week is enough to eat egg yolk. The egg yolk is beautiful
    The carrot is also beautiful, but the puppy can not digest it.

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