What are the reasons why dogs are too thin?

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  1. Picked food, insufficient nutrition absorption, irregular diet, too lazy, insufficient exercise, uneven nutrition, sickness, poor appetite, insects, chronic diseases, infectious diseases in the body will cause dogs to become thinner and thinner.
    If the dog’s appetite is very good and the nutrition is also balanced, but it is relatively thin, then it is likely to be caused by insects in the dog’s body. Or the phenomenon of vomiting, you need to repeat the dog on the body on the fifteenth day;
    It if the dog eats does not have nutrition or uneven nutrition, it can be replaced with a dog more suitable for a dog. Its dog food, such as specialty food, natural dog food, etc.

    The pet chain hospitals. Like Awen Mall, you can buy very good pet food, divided into different ages, and pets such as diseases and insect repellent can be carried out. It is still very suitable.
    Whats of dogs to get fat:
    Generally, for unbelieved dogs, they usually increase their weight after sterilization, because the influence of hormones after sterilization increases the supply of energy on the body. Adult dogs can be fed a few times a day because the systems have been developed, or they choose to make dog rice for dog rice to enhance nutrition. If the dog eats too much and then does not gain weight, consider whether the dog is not in place, because if the parasites in the body are too much, the dog will absorb the nutrition of the dog, causing the dog to not gain weight.

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