The reason why dogs have eye shit

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  1. Natural secretion, dogs will also secrete eye feces under normal circumstances, and the breeders can clean up in time; inflammation of the eyes will cause eye feces to accumulate eye shit in the corner of the eye. Too much salt, the dog cannot quickly digest the salt, and accumulate in the body will cause the eye shit to become more.
    1. Natural secretion
    Under normal circumstances, dogs will also secrete eye feces. This is a physiological phenomenon that can judge whether it is sick through color. The owner needs to clean up the dog in time, and long -term accumulation will also cause blockage and affect the aesthetics.
    2. Eye inflammation
    If the eyes are infected with bacterial or cornea, it will also cause dogs to accumulate eye feces. You can use pet -specific eye drops. If the eye feces are yellow, it may be a serious condition. It is recommended to take it to the hospital for professional examination.
    3. Conditioning too much salt
    This salt is difficult to digest for dogs. If too much feeding foods with high salt content, it will increase the burden on the stomach. Foods rich in dietary fiber help intestinal peristalsis and promote digestion.

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