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  1. Pets, as a friend of human beings and a member of the family, will bring entertainment and recreation to people's daily life. I have compiled some pet food packaging survey reports for everyone, I hope it is useful to you!
    Pet food packaging research report report Article 1
    . The current status of pet food at home and abroad

    With the development of China's economy, the number of cats and dogs raised by urban and rural residents in China in recent years has increased dramatically. Development, the pet food industry as the pet economy industry chain has also become one of the fastest growing industries in China's consumer goods. In fact, Chinese pet food has not been accepted by most people. Cats and dogs raised by urban residents are less than 5%. However, the growth potential is huge. At the beginning, it is estimated that by 2008, our country has a pet of 100 million pets, with an annual output value of about 6 billion yuan. Experts predict that the market potential of the mainland pet economy in the next five years can reach at least 40 billion yuan per year. At present, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, and Wuhan are the five major pet cities in my country. There are about 700,000 pet dogs in Shanghai. The cost of raising dogs is as high as 600 million yuan each year. The average pet consumption of pets per month is 300 yuan; There are currently more than 100,000 pet dogs in Beijing. The sales of related products have reached 500 million yuan, and they still grow at a rate of 8%per year. In Qingdao, the cost of pets spends on love cats every month from hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan, and this amount will continue to expand rapidly. As far as pet food is concerned, 70%of the current sales of related industries are driven by pet food and health products. According to relevant data and expert forecasts, the Chinese pet food market will increase at an average annual rate of 50%in the next five years, and in 2013 In the year, the sales of pet food will reach 30 billion yuan. Therefore, the pet food industry has huge development potential.

    , from now on, although there are many independent brands in my country's pet food market, there are very few brands that are truly influential and have formed of fixed consumer groups. According to the investigation by relevant departments 60%-75%of the Chinese market are controlled by foreign brands. In terms of price, the general price of foreign brands is 10-20 yuan/kg, and high-end ones can reach 30 yuan/kg, while the general price of domestic brands is only 6-10 yuan/kg. Some non-formal manufacturers are in the wholesale market. You can buy 3-4 yuan/kg. This is because the foreign pet food market has developed earlier, extensive, and deep, and research on pet nutrition needs earlier. Almost every large company has special pet nutrition research institutions or funded research institutions. The pet market has grown slowly in the past ten years. The development of pet food is later. Pet nutrition research cannot be mentioned. Basically, it is data from abroad. This determines that the difference between product quality cannot be ignored. This is a huge challenge for Chinese pet food development companies, while at the same time as great potential.

    . The types of main products

    Pet foods are divided into manufacturers according to manufacturers, which can be divided into imported pet food and domestic pet food. Foreign imported pet foods are mainly French Royal, aristocratic, Hill, American Guanneng, A Musus and other products. Domestic products are mainly Baodai dog food, Weijia brand cat food, Kangdor, Xiyue, and good owner's pet food. The amount of pet food water content can be divided into three categories: dry pet food, wet pet food, and semi -dry pet food, and also include pet snacks and pet health foods.

    Table 1 Pet food classification

    1. Dry pet foods

    Vou food is usually water containing 10%to 12%, crude fat 5%~ 12%, crude protein 18%to 30%; dried cat food usually contains 10%to 12%to 12%, 8%to 12%of crude fat, and 30%to 36%of crude protein. It is mainly made of animal protein, wheat, corn, bean cheese, dried beer yeast, and a certain amount of vitamins and minerals. This kind of food generally contains a balanced nutrients. It belongs to complete food, exquisite packaging, convenient use, and simple storage technology.

    2. Wet pet food

    usually contains 15%-40%dry substances. Usually this type of food is mainly made of meat and grains according to a certain proportion, usually contains more than 65%of water, and is packaged with canned food or disinfected pockets. Such food nutritional composition is complete to meet the nutritional standards required by pets, but if you ca n’t finish one time, the stability and quality of the product have decreased.

    3. Semi -dry pet food

    It semi -dry pet food is based on 50%slaughterhouse lower footweed as the basic raw material, and then with seasoning, and it is appropriate to prepare appropriate It is made of taste or taste cooked. And it has good organizational structure and palatability, and has its own stability under normal conditions to facilitate consumption and preservation.

    4. Pet snacks

    pet snacks (like all kinds of meat sticks, dried meat strips, biscuits, sausages and milk bones, etc.) Developed non -staple food. There are many categories, which are peculiar, have special demands, and have their own nutritional values ​​that are biased. It should be preserved appropriately after opening.

    5. Pet health products

    Pet health products are industries with better development momentum in recent years. It has specific functions developed to meet the special physiological needs of pets Foods, including pet vitamins, pet proteins, pet fatty acids, etc.

    . Production technology

    According to relevant information, the current dry food in the pet market accounts for the majority, and there is also a trend of gradually expanding. For example, the British dry dog ​​food market share is about 33%to 34%, Spain and the Netherlands are 75%, France and Italy account for 50%, and the United States is about 76%. my country has no specific statistical data, but from the pet market Judging from the survey, about 80%of the sales are dry food. This is determined by the characteristics of dry foods, easy processing, and storage. Most of the current dry foods are processed by puffed technology. The expansion is to put the processed food in a closed container. After heating and pressurizing, they suddenly decompress. The moisture vaporization and expansion in the food makes many small holes appear in the food, which becomes crispy and becomes puffed food. This technique mainly has the following advantages:

    1. Improved taste and taste: After the coarse grains are swollen, the rough and hard tissue structure is damaged, and the coarse grains can no longer be seen. Taste, soft taste, improved taste and delicious.

    . It is convenient to eat: After the coarse grains have been expanded, it has become a cooked food. It can be eaten directly, which is easy to eat and save time.

    3. The preservation rate and digestive rate of nutritional ingredients

    4. Easy to store: grain sterilization, which is equivalent to a high temperature sterilization. It is reduced to less than 10%, limiting the breeding of insects and mold, strengthening their stability in storage, and suitable for long -term storage.

    , but in the processing process of the puff food processing process, there will be lead and tin alloys in the metal pipeline. In the case of high temperature It will pollute these puffed foods, which may cause high lead content, while pets are in the growth stage of growth, high absorption of lead, but the excretion function of lead is relatively weak. Therefore Inside the body, causing long -term and chronic harm. This requires strict testing in the procurement processing machinery and production process to prevent heavy metals in the product from exceeding the standard.

    . Major manufacturers, brands, specifications and prices

    In May 2009 statistics of the National Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, there are 154 manufacturers with pet food exports in my country. The product involves various types of pet food raw materials, ingredients, finished products, etc. There are more than a thousand pet food manufacturers in China, but most of them are small manufacturers and brands. Through surveys from the Internet and pet market, in 2008, the top 10 manufacturers or brands of pet food sales are below:

    . Channel

    The phenomenon of differentiation of traditional and professional "channels has intensified, and at the same time, with the acceleration of urban planning. The market position and role of traditional channels have further weakened. Among the pet foods sold in the Chinese market, the sales channels are mainly as follows:

    . One is a professional market, including pet shops, pet beauty shops and pet hospitals. In international well -known brands such as "Royal", "Pride", "A Mus", "Hills", etc., when entering the Chinese market, they are mainly distributed through agents to allow people to buy in specialty stores or pet products stores. The number of pet foods sold through the above channels is relatively not much, but the profit is very high, and there is no need to pay the "threshold fee".

    2. The second is a supermarket, mainly chain supermarkets, with large quantity, but small profits, and paying higher "threshold fees". About 60%to 70%of pet foods in China are sold through supermarkets. Like the "Bao Road" and "Weijia" that are the first to enter my country's market and are well known to pet owners are the supermarket routes.

    3. Network marketing, mainly including B2C (merchant facing consumers) and C2C (consumer face consumer). The previous one is mainly through online malls or production and sales companies to sell consumers directly through their own web pages. Such as Chinese pet networks, pets Chinese pets, Rick Mall, etc., are more mature pet products specialized websites in Chinese consumers. The latter is an individual. Because this method has the characteristics of flexible and diverse, a small amount, it is gradually becoming a trend.

    4. Pet chain stores. Pet chain is a pet professional shop that has emerged in recent years. It provides customers with one dragon service such as pet varieties, pet food, pet medical, pet technology consulting, etc., with a corporateization The operation has won the favor of many pet owners. With the development of pet chain stores, it will inevitably occupy a place in pet food sales. Therefore, many large pet food manufacturers have moved in this field.

    6. Suggestions and opinions

    1. From the survey of the current network and pet market, pet food is basically the dog food and cat food, because these two categories It is currently the main breeding variety in the world, accounting for about 98%of all pet types. The demand for other pets is very small, and each pet has professional suppliers to provide them with feed.

    . From the perspective of product classification, dry food has become the mainstream trend of development. At present, most of the newly invested factories are mainly producing dry food. The division of pet snacks is increasingly clear, and the selling points are mostly based on taste, shape, and specific functions. The bone biscuits produced by our company are actually a dog snacks, not a real dog food.

    . From the perspective of product development, it is increasingly paying attention to health care. The functional demand for food is strengthened. The product classification is more detailed. The safety of pet food is more and more valued, especially export varieties.

    4. From the market, the current true pet food consumer market in China is still concentrated in large cities in first -tier cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, etc., and the pet food market in second- and third -tier cities Without forming, people have not developed the habit of spending money. In the region, only pet shops sell some types of pet foods, which are basically dry foods and their sales are small.

    5. From the perspective of market segments, the current market provision of pet foods is basically divided according to the pet growth stage. grain. There is no food produced for specific dogs and cat breeds, which may be the development trend of the next stage.

    6. In terms of price, domestic high -end markets are basically mastered by foreign brands. Domestic brands are at low prices, and they are fiercely competitive.
    Pet food packaging survey report 2
    With the improvement of people's living standards, the sense of emptiness in your heart gradually strengthened. At this time, pets have become an important emotional Qito. The high -end food between the feed, because the love house and Wu, the choice of pet food is also strict. Generally, the owner of cheap pet food love to protect pets in the general market will not choose. At this time, pet food packaging design will be sold. The main role.

    This points directly:

    1. Retro style

    , the sense of times is strong

    . It is easy to carry r

    4. Add environmental elements

    5. Unique shape

    Actually, pet owners do not know what kind of food is good, what kind of food is bad, really What attracts them is creative packaging design. Generally speaking, pet food creative packaging can start from several aspects.

    1. Packaging design retro classics. Usually, the cute little animals written by hand -painted hand -painted paintings are on top, and then matched with appropriate colors.

    This -retro -style pet food packaging design, using cute and interesting animal images.

    2. Fashion and modern sense. This type of packaging design generally uses black and white and gray as the main color, which not only has a fashion and modern sense, but also a real and stable feeling.

    The pet food packaging design with the sense of times and realism. The black and white style reflects the quality of pet food.

    3. Convenient to carry. Any packaging design must consider humanization in it, which is easy to carry, which is one of the more classic methods in this regard.

    The small bag packing pet food packaging design is more convenient to carry. The bucket pet food packaging design is also very practical, welcomed by the public,

    4. In pet food packaging design Adding environmental elements is more popular with consumers.

    In more natural materials to make pet food packaging design to make consumers feel more at ease of food safety, showing a natural style packaging design with a unique beauty, full of natural pet food packaging design.

    5. Pet food packaging design with special styling often attracts consumers' attention and attracts attention in the market.
    Pet food packaging survey report 3
    . Pet food composition description

    The components of pet food can be said to be all inclusive. Each formula is combined by various raw materials. The difference between dry ingredients and canned foods is the same as the water content of the finished product. Canned water content can be as high as 82%. [Press: In theory, no matter whether it is expensive, any human food raw material can be used to make pet food. The water content of dry materials must be less than about 10-12 %to avoid mold breeding. As for the high water content, canned foods are not intentional in the manufacturer. Normal organisms originally contain more than 75%of water. The canned content is closer to the original appearance of the food, and of course the water content is high. 〕

    The ingredients on commercially available pet food packaging include very important product component information. In fact, this ingredient is the only thing that can reveal the connotation of the product. [Press: For pet food listed in the United States, its ingredients are marked by strict control from the central and state governments, which is more in line with its true content. It is a good reference information. 〕

    When you buy pet food, you must read its ingredients first. The correct choice can ensure the health plan of pets and even prolong life. [Press: In terms of consumers in Taiwan, the author recommends to ask the store to ask the store first, research, and study the composition table. Furthermore, compared with the original component table on the packaging, you can find more clues.

    What is the true meaning hidden behind each component of pet composition? Readers must pay special attention to the position held by the American Animal Protection Association is "pets should be treated as human beings", so it is not recommended Pet food based on the main ingredients of the food industry. In fact, it is unbearable that pet foods that use human food completely are ideal. Because of its manufacturing costs, the price will be greatly increased, and the price will be unattainable. Therefore, a more reasonable way is to choose high -quality products as much as possible within the scope of your economic permission.

    The purpose of introduction below is to tell you the level of pet food raw materials.

    It here to explain the possibility of dog and cat vegetarian food. Cats must have peanutic acid and taurine. These two ingredients cannot be obtained by the plants, so if you eat vegan, you will be malnourished. The history of dogs and human life is relatively long, and it is more suitable for cereals and plant foods. As long as you are careful about balanced nutrition, dogs can eat vegetarian. [Press: Taiwan has now been listed in coblins. The most common ingredients in the English component table below
    1. Meat

    is a pet food packaging research report FCO (American Animal Food Food Management Association) Definition of meat and its related products:

    ■ Meat (meat): The meat is clean and fresh, or the skeletal muscles separated by the animal slaughtering skeleton or the tongue, diaphragm, heart, esophagus, esophagus, and esophagus The separated striped muscles are commonly attached to the skin, tendons, fats, nerves and blood vessels that can accept pretty and desire to mark specific meats, such as LAMB (lamb), beef (beef), and Chicken. Its relative animal type.

    ■ Poultry (poultry meat): The poultry meat is a mixture of clean meat and skin separated by the poultry slaughter. The poultry meat marked with specific species must come from relative poultry species.

    ■ Meat Meal (meat powder): such as lambMeal (lamb powder) meat powder is the dry animal tissue except blood, hair, hoof, horns, stomach, and gastric content. Essence Do not contain foreign objects. If you want to mark a specific meat, you must come from its relative animal type. In addition, its calcium and phosphorus ratio and protein digestion must meet the standards suitable for pet food manufacturing.

    ■ POULTRY Meal (poultry powder): such as Chicken Meal (chicken powder) poultry meat powder is dry, squeezed oil, and the clean meat and skin is separated from the poultry. It can be attached with bones, but does not contain feathers, heads, feet and internal organs. The poultry meat marked with specific species must come from relative poultry species.

    ■ Meat and bone meal (Bakkotoma powder): Bak and bone powder are except blood, hair, hoof, horns, skin residue, dung, stomach, gastric content, etc. Bone -bone animal tissue. Do not contain foreign objects. If you want to mark a specific meat, you must come from its relative animal type. In addition, its calcium and phosphorus ratio and protein digestion must meet the standards suitable for pet food manufacturing.

    ■ Meat By-ProCTs (meat by-product): The meat by-type is separated from the squeezing oil and clean "other parts". It can include lung, spleen, kidney, brain, liver, blood, bone, partial deodorized fat tissue, and gastrointestinal (removing content). Without hair, horns, teeth and hoofs. If you want to mark a certain meat by -products, you must come from its relative animal types.

    ■ Poultry By-Procts (poultry by-products): Poultry by-products must contain clean heads, feet, and internal organs separated by poultry slaughter. But do not contain feces and foreign objects-unless the trace can be accepted in the process of processing.

    ■ Poultry By-ProCT Meal (poultry by-product powder): Poultry by-product powder contains some poultry squeezing bodies that are grinded into powder and squeezed oil, such as necks, feet, unabolled eggs, and intestines. Without feathers, unless the trace can be accepted in the process of good treatment. Calcium and phosphorus ratio must meet the standards suitable for pet food manufacturing.

    ■ Animal By-ProCT Meal Essence Unless the trace can be accepted in the process of good treatment. This component is established to cover animal tissues that cannot meet the aforementioned standard standards, so it is impossible to mark the types of specific animal tissues.

    The readers can find that the above nine animal raw materials can provide the most important protein in pet food, but the quality of its parts and requirements can be so different.

    In other words, the most precious of which can be said to be "meat or poultry meat", because it is fresh, non -containing internal organs, heads, feet, feathers, etc. It is "meat powder or poultry meat powder", which is the dried meat that has been squeezed over the oil. It is once again "Bone Bone Powder". The remaining things after the class are eliminated. Therefore, when buying pet food, consumers should spend a little time confirming the quality of their raw materials so that they should not spend money.

    super high -grade products that use "meat or poultry meat" can be said to be very small in the world, and the price is not human. At present, most of the high -grade pet -dried granular foods are mostly used as "meat powder or poultry powder" as the source of animal protein, because it is the highest -level meat product that can be afforded in a reasonable price, and the quality is quite stable. As for brands with cheap sales as the main strategy, they choose "by -products (powder)" to reduce costs. Generally speaking, meat products that can clearly indicate animal types are more advanced.

    It will continue to discuss the small places that should be paid attention to in pet foods, preservatives, how to identify the valid use period, and the packaging label.

    2. Grain

    The digestive rate of cereals depends on its nutrient availability. In terms of white rice, dogs and cats can almost completely absorb the carbohydrates. Other grains, such as Wheat (WHEAT), Bean (Bean) and Oats (OATS), are not as good as rice to absorb. The absorption rate of potato (Potato) and corn (Corn) is also poor. Therefore, the types of grains used in pet foods and this case will affect its digestive utilization rate. Some ingredients, such as Peanut Hull, have no nutritional value, it is a filling agent! Press: This is a wrong concept, all equilibrium foods must contain appropriate cellulose to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis Essence Hull (Hull) can provide good natural cellulose and additional thermal energy. Modern pets need to take cellulose because of universal lack of exercise. Of course, excessive cellulose is also unnecessary. Mi is indeed the most easily digestible grain, but other grains also have their own characteristics. For example, corn is rich in plant protein. Beans can replace meat to make canine foods. Potatoes can provide more than 99%of pure degrees Starch, which is very suitable for the treatment of foods used to treat food allergies. ﹞

    3. Proclaimed ()

    BHA, BHT, Yichengjin () and mixed fertility 酊 () can prevent fatty acid defeat. It is the most commonly used in pet foods preservative. Among them, mixed fertility (that is, vitamin E) is natural preservatives. Equipment may be one of the most stable preservatives, but it always lacks safety reports used in pet food. Choose natural preservatives to reduce the chemical ingredients added to pet food. Some natural preservatives have a short storage period than chemical preservatives. When buying, pay attention to its validity period. Pet foods that keep fresh with natural preservatives can be preserved for nine months. Therefore, every time you buy it, you should smell the smell to determine the freshness. If necessary, you can request exchanges from the original purchase office.

    Ifins that if pets suddenly refuse to eat food, in addition to doubting their physical discomfort, they must also pay attention to whether the food is not fresh. Some cats even make actions to bury food (the unique movement of cats buried feces). E Press: Vitamin E and C are the most common natural preservatives. Other common natural preservatives include citric acid and rosemary. In the early days, natural preservatives were indeed unstable and the storage period that could be provided was short. However, in terms of the latest technology, natural preservatives can provide up to a year and a half of the preservation period, and they are not lost to chemical preservatives at all. The cost of natural preservatives is high, mostly used by high -grade pet foods. ﹞

    4. Other signs

    1) Date code: The date code on the packaging is very important. The following description several different date code instances and its meaning:

    ◆ Month, day, and annual method: For example, 011598 is made on January 15, 1998; n
    ◆ Sun calendar: such as 01598 or 0158 on the 15th day of 1998, that is, the best use period for manufacturing (BEST IF Used Before) on January 15, 1998 Press: Generally dry feed preservation period is 1 to 1 and a half years; canned food can be preserved for 2-3 years. Another rare labeling method is the weekly method, such as 8034 represents the 3rd week of 1998. Thursday, January 15. ﹞

    ) ingredient table: When reading the ingredient table, be sure to keep the ingredients arranged in order of its weight.量 Press: The convention of sorting content as a US -made food ﹞

    3) Segmentation: Some manufacturers will deliberately list different parts of the same ingredients to make meat the first ingredient. For example, the corn flour is listed separately from the corn bran (Corn Gluten), and the chicken ingredients may be ranked ahead.将 Press: There are problems that are not all listed on corn flour and corn bran. As mentioned earlier, corn bran may be deliberately added to supplement cellulose. Choosing a reputable product can avoid this. ﹞

    4) Address: The name and detailed address of the manufacturer, packaging dealer or dealer shall be listed.

    5) The standard on the packaging is marked with the standards of the American Food Management Association (The OF American Feed Control Office of Pet Food Packaging).而 Press: In terms of American products, ﹞

    6) Kitten and puppy recipes: Among the commercially available pet foods at the same level, kittens and puppies foods contain more than adults Foods are calcium, phosphorus, protein, fat and calories. The puppies and kittens need to be two to three times the energy of adult animals, but too much heat can also cause nutritional disorders. The best feeding method should not only refer to the feeding instructions on the packaging. The most appropriate puppies and cat feeding can make the ribs feel a thin layer of fat when touching the ribs, but the ribs will not see the ribs. The feeding amount of puppies and cats should be adjusted with the growth rate, physiological status, fur quality and activity amount. Pressing the nutrients in the economy -oriented puppies may be less than that of high -grade rare dog foods, so it is emphasized that the same -level products are compared. Rib measurement is the most practical method of judgment. To put it simply, when you can see the ribs, you should increase the amount of feeding. When you can't touch the ribs, the amount of feeding should be reduced. 〕

    7) Elderly (Senior) and overweight () dog and cat recipes: light (LITE), LESS Active or Senior recipes generally There are fewer adult foods of the same level. It should be seen clearly before buying.

    8) Storage of dry feed particles: The purchased feed should be stored in a sealed container and placed in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent fatty acids and endanger health.

    9) How to evaluate new feed: You can test new feed yourself. First choose several brands that are consistent with the above standards. After each feeding of 6 to 8 weeks, the reaction of dogs and cats, including the condition of the fur (light and soft or dry peeling), whether the feces are complete, weight or decrease, etc. These can help you decide which brand is most suitable for your pet.

    ) Try to ask the veterinarian or experienced friends. The above is the content of pet food purchase guidelines proposed by the American Protection Association. Just like humans, good pet foods are not only good for health, but they can even make pets prolong their lives. Because pets cannot choose the food that they want to eat for a lifetime, they must completely rely on the owner to choose carefully. Careful owners can choose the most suitable commercially available food for their beloved pets with the above points.

    . How to buy pet food

    to choose the right thing, then we need to better understand this thing, such as choosing pet food for pets, then we will A lot of knowledge related to pets, considering those necessary factors, these factors include the age, health status, growth stage, lifestyle, and your own consumption habits. These are what we need to consider.

    How to choose suitable pet foods. If your pet is over one year old, it is usually an adult, so you need to consider some other factors. If you have not exceeded one year, you need to choose foods that help grow. Pets under one year old and more than one year old pets are different in pet food, so it is also important to know that pets are age. Then there is a health situation, which is also very important. If your pet is too heavy or too thin, then you also need to take it to see a doctor, because such a manifestation is a symptom of physical problems. If it is really If you investigate and deal with a problem with the pet body, you need to feed according to the doctor's instructions.

    In growth stage, pet foods needed are also different. How to choose suitable pet foods, you need to choose some growth foods. The protein and fat content should be higher than 21%and 8%, respectively. In this case, It will help the growth of pets. As for consumption habits, you need to choose a pet food at different prices according to the life of the pet owner. After all, it is a price and one point. If the price is high, it will be more likely to get foods suitable for pets.

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