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  1. Cats do not need to apply for a certificate. You only need to vaccinate in time and apply for an immune certificate. The reason why cats do not need to apply for permits are mainly because they do not need to be taken out often, and their offensability in front of people is not strong. Pay attention to the immune certificate for cats to check for cats.
    This cats do not need to apply for permits
    Thenic cats are different from dogs, and they do not need to apply for any documents. After raising a cat, the owner only needs to take it in time to inject the vaccine to apply for a pet health certificate.

    This dogs need to be brought out of the house often, and there are more opportunities to contact strangers, while cats do not need to go out to play like dogs, and the cats are small in size. There is no attack power. People do not hurt too much, so they do not need to apply for a dog certificate. ?

    The need to note that when taking cats to travel out and travel to the cat, you need to prepare an immune certificate and quarantine certificate in advance. Without these things, cats can not apply for consignment. Essence

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