Why do so many people with pets have so many stray cats?

I feel that many people like to raise pets. Why are there so many stray cats?

5 thoughts on “Why do so many people with pets have so many stray cats?”

  1. First of all, answer your question, it is necessary to highlight the importance of sterilization, for those who are raised. Pet sterilization may be a very normal thing, but for some people, pet sterilization is very difficult to understand.
    The view here is that pet sterilization is very necessary. This is not only good for your own safety and health, but also is good for your pet's life. Many, many people say why to deprive her of the right to fertility, pets are also a forest, and you can't just deprive others of the right to mate with. But if you think so, it is wrong, because for pets, their primary tasks are not survival.
    Because since it is a pet, it must be raised by the owner, then it is not a very necessary thing to survive in their eyes. In other words, as a pet, it does not need to reproduce offspring to ensure the continuation of the race. If you say this, it is actually not solved by his estrus. For pets, it is a thing that hurts the body and is very uncomfortable with pets. It is difficult for many people to understand pet sterilization, and do not give their pet sterilization, let him go out, other wild cat mating, so many kittens will be given. Or take care of it.
    . Although the chance of kitten living in the wild is relatively small, the base of stray cats cannot be relieved. Therefore, there are many stray cats on the street. This kind of thing is caused by pets and mating with stray cats outside. So this explains why there are so many stray cats. And I personally call on the family to have a pet at home to sterilize as soon as possible. This will not only extend the time when it accompanies you, but also a good body. If you encounter a kitten and puppy on the way without pets, if you have eye edges and more docile, it is recommended to take it home for breeding. If the conditions are allowed. Give a stray cat and dog, you will find that they love you worse than pet cats.
    The summary is a word. Those who can sterilize pet cats should be sterilized as much as possible. If there are no pets, try to adopt stray cats as much as possible. We can use adoption or adopt to buy.

  2. Because many people have only rising states for a while, they do not consider what to do in the future of pets and how to maintain their pets. Pets will be naughty like children, so they feel that they choose to give up their pets. As a result, there are many stray cats and dogs.

  3. Many people want to raise pets to raise a good variety. I would rather spend a lot of money to buy a stray cat. In fact, this is a normal thing. I dare not raise it, but I hope that the wool will not abandon your cat to become a stray cat. We can not adopt stray cats, but we cannot create more stray cats. They are really pitiful.

  4. There are more people who can't avoid pets in stray cats. Some people may not find that cats have children. These cats have become stray cats, sleeping on the streets, but there will be good people who picked up home.

  5. This is inevitable. After all, there are more people who have pets, and there are no cats. Therefore, some cats will flow on the streets and no one will raise.

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