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  1. The price of cat fostering does not have a uniform charging standard, and the price of fostering in different regions will be different. An ordinary pet shop in Shanghai, the price of fostering a day is between 40-50 yuan and provides water and ordinary cat food. The relatively good pet shop fostering a day is about 60-80 yuan. In addition to providing water and high-quality cat food, there are some snacks and the like, the environment will be relatively better.
    Theniced cats need to consider the question in addition to the price:
    What is the cat's fostering environment? Is there any time disinfection? Will you often come into contact with guests? Can you see your favorite situation at any time? This is a question that the foster centers are going to investigate before the cat.

    News of fostering cats:
    1, the price of cat fostering
    ordinary ordinary pet shops, the price of fostering a day is about 40 ~ 50, providing water and water and water and water and water and water and water and water and water and water and water and water and water and water and water and water and water and water and water For general cat food, if you have a long time to foster, you can provide free bathing services. And a better pet shop, the price of a day is about 60 ~ 80 yuan, providing water and high -quality cat food, and there will be some foods such as snacks, and the environment will be better. And these foster -care pet shops will increase prices on some important holidays. For example, during the New Year and National Day holidays, they will generally rise by 20-30 yuan, and the owner must be psychologically prepared.
    2. Booking in advance, buying coupons
    If it, if your cat has no friends, you can help raising, you must book a pet shop in advance. In general on important holidays, many pet shops are hot and there may be situations without location, and some affordable pet shops will be scheduled early, so it is necessary to make strategies in advance. If there are coupons on the Internet, buy in advance, buy in advance, buy in advance , And determine whether you can use it, a few of your foster care, etc., and try to make the best discounts.
    3. Before the cat is fostering, do your homework

    This cats that are generally underage, try not to foster, the kitten is not strong, and the adaptation of the environment is not good, so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it is not good for the environment. No matter how good the environment is, it is difficult to avoid getting sick. Cats should also be prevented from deworming before the cat fostering. If the vaccine does not need to be vaccinated during the immunization period, but if it will expire during the foster care period, the vaccine should be injected in advance to avoid some possible diseases, and and and of. Take a bath before picking up home to avoid taking some pathogenic bacteria home.

  2. The fostering costs of small cities are between 130 and forty and one hundred. Most of the pet shops in large cities are priced according to the value of cats. Ordinary cats are dozens of large, and valuable varieties are hundreds of days.

  3. This is generally different from your local and different levels of pet shops, or there is a certain gap from the hospital. Generally speaking, this price ranges from 60 yuan to 200 yuan.

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