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  1. 1. Fish; whether it is all film and television works or in real life, cats have always left the impression of loving fish. Indeed, fish is rich in nutrients, which not only meet their tastes, but also supplements nutrition.
    .2. Dairy products; dairy products are rich in protein and are very healthy foods. However, many adult cats have lactose intolerance and cannot digest the lactose in milk, and there will be soft stools or diarrhea. Meat, and meat is rich in animal protein, which is very nutritious. But pay attention to the amount of feeding. Too much meat intake is easy to pick up cats and affect health.
    4. Vegetables and fruits; in order to prevent cat constipation, you can eat some vegetables and fruits for cats, vegetables and water can replenish trace elements to better achieve nutritional equilibrium.
    5. Cat food; all kinds of finished cats on the market; There are also a lot of food, and you have a wide range of choices, but pay attention to selecting those who are suitable for your own cats. Do not choose inferiority. Cats without nutritional
    Is to answer can help you. If you have any other questions 1 to 1 consultation.

  2. What can cats eat? Although it is very mixed, it will be different in specific periods
    This cats can eat a lot of things. In addition to the cats that we all know, all the cats and birds that we all know It also loves the liver of animals, such as chicken liver, duck liver, etc. It prefers to eat raw fish, raw meat and other raw foods, as well as various bones. Although cats are carnivorous animals, it also eats various kinds of vegetables such as coriander, cabbage, and soor of vegetables. It also eats rice, wheat, oats, dog tail grass and other plants, and even cooked sweet potatoes.

    The cats who have eaten cats are mainly eating cat food. In order to supplement nutrition, the owner will also give canned cats, wonderful fresh bags, sausages, fatty meat, cream, etc.
    In the age of lack of supplies, cats can only eat some owners and chew, and then feed it to it, or leftovers. If they do n’t eat, they can only grab the sparrow during the day and grab the sizer at night to fill their hunger.

    It how to eat kittens for lactating kittenss that need to be fed during the lactation, it is best to give it an autocratic "cat milk powder". Of course, nothing is better than the milk of the cat's mother. If neither "cat milk powder" and cat mother can't find it, you can also buy "infant milk powder" in the supermarket to adjust it.
    It cat food can be eaten when cats are about a month. It is best to feed it to eat warm water cake grains for warm water. You can also use a small amount of nutrient cream and pets for pets. When a month old, you can eat normally hardness of kitten food.

    It what adult cats need to choose high -quality cat food to feed. If the owner is worried about the cat, you can boil the appropriate amount of chicken breasts, beef, salmon and a small amount of eggs, etc. But do not add salt to the food.
    The cats can also feed some snacks regularly, such as canned cats, cats, etc., which can ensure the cat's dietary balance. Because most canned foods include the necessary nutrition that is beneficial to cat health, including protein intake.
    In order to enrich the diet, some dry food, semi -dry food and fresh food can also be added occasionally. Dry food and semi -dry food tastes delicious, there are many types, and economical.
    Since the cat always loves licking hair, it needs to be consumed for a long time. You can also feed some grass, which also helps the cat spit out the hair balls that eat into the belly.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello.nCats can eat the following foods: rice is the source of energy of the body; noodles can provide energy when cats have loss of appetite; oats are conducive to metabolism of fat and sugar; red beans are rich in alkaline soap body to prevent the body from absorbing fat; Beef is rich in iron to prevent anemia, and beef is high -protein food, which is conducive to digestion; chicken and fish are high -protein and low -fat foods; duck meat is rich in amino acids that can maintain skin health; carrots can detoxify and clear the intestines; roll cabbage; Rich vitamins can prevent indigestion and gastric ulcers; tomatoes can prevent cancer; sweet potatoes can improve constipation; cabbage can improve resistance; tofu can be digested, spinach contains iron and carotene; olive oil can promote vitamin and mineral absorption absorption of absorption of vitamins and minerals. ; Cat thin mint help decompression; blueberry can resist acidification.

  4. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am an animal mentor Wang Kangkang, and I am very happy to serve you. Your question has been received, and you are sorting out the answer. You can answer it within about 5 minutes, please wait ~nHello, you are welcome to use Baidu to know. I am honored to answer it for you -a lot of foods that cats eat. You must be careful and seriously, do a good job of breeding daily, and prepare some cats to eat more foods daily, such as the following foods Essence First, chicken breasts; second, cat food; third, fish. First of all, cats belong to carnivores, and they love chicken breasts very much. However, the shoveling officer needs to pay attention to that even the chicken breasts are rich in protein -rich meats, but the nutrition in other aspects must be kept up at the same time. Secondly, cat food is specially produced for cats, and the nutritional content is very rich. When choosing cat food, shoveling needs to pay attention to the palatability and nutritional ingredients of cat food, and try to buy good tastes, nutrition with uniform cat food. At the same time, you can also try to feed cat food with cat wet food. Finally, I believe that many people know that cats like to eat fish. When the shovel officer is making fish, it is best to pick out all the piercing, and then use the meat grinder to break the meat. The cats love to lick and eat food. [I hope Xiaobian's answer can solve your question ~ Dear]nHello, if you are satisfied with Xiaobian's answer, please use your distinguished hands to order a [like] and add a few high -quality service labels to Xiaobian. Your little move is very important for us, and you are an angel. Please lift your expensive hands ~ Add a motivation to Xiaobian, Xiaobian will work harder to do better! Intersection Intersectionn1 morenBleak

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