What is the situation of male cats eating kittens?

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  1. The reason for the male cat to eat kittens:
    1. The kittens are inherently insufficient
    . When the cat finds the kitten deformity they have born, they are likely to eat the kitten, which is the result of the natural choice. The survival of the fittest is difficult to survive in nature, and sooner or later are dead.
    2, the interference of human smell
    It people will always pick up the kitten because of curiosity or worry, and the kittens are stained with the smell of the human. Threat, the smell of a person can not distinguish his child, and may also eat the kitten.
    Preparing for cat production:
    The preparation of cat production environment
    Cats are generally about 60 days during pregnancy. quiet place. Therefore, at this stage, it is best not to be too lively at home. In order to prevent the cat's stress reaction, the cat escapes from home. It is best to put the cat's nest in a separate quiet cottage and let it produce inside.
    : Cats are ready to help it when producing
    Cats are generally very independent, and they are the same when they have children. Some cats can give birth. After giving birth to a kitten, the female cat handles the baby's clothes and umbilical cord on the kitten. However, some cats may not take the initiative to deal with these things when they have no experience or exhaustion.
    The shoveling officer should pay attention to help, and needs to help the female cat open the fetus, or cut off the umbilical cord with scissors. When cutting the umbilical cord, pay attention to cut off at 2 cm from the kitten belly button.

  2. When the female cat cares about the kittens, the male cat is in estrus.
    When the male cat treats the little milk cat as a prey.

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