Where can I buy second -hand office furniture?

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  1. The specifics are as follows:
    1, second -hand furniture selling points, just search on the map. After finding the selling point, you can find your favorite furniture;
    2, second -hand platform, search for furniture on the second -hand monopoly platform, It is best to find the same city so that you can buy a housekeeper to see the actual appearance of second -hand furniture;
    3, you can add to the group for second -hand furniture to sell, and some second -hand furniture to be sold will be issued in the group.
    Invals for buying second -hand furniture
    1. Brand quality: First choose the local more reliable second -hand office furniture market, and secondly, if there is no regular second -hand office furniture market, try to choose some branded office when choosing office furniture The furniture is again. If there is no brand's office chair, the corner details (such as the chair back, the chair cushion deformation, whether the chair foot is stable, etc.).
    2, price, in general, domestic second-hand office furniture is 3-4 % of the original price, and foreign second-hand office furniture is a 10 % discount of the original price. Try to search the original price of the product online. If there is no original price, you can refer to other products of the brand.
    3, environmentally friendly and healthy. When buying, if you find that the selected office furniture is the same as new, it is new, but who will take a new second -hand to buy it or it will be sprayed again. However, this may cause volatile gas such as formaldehyde to pollute your office, so when buying, it should be noted that environmental protection and health are still important.

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