How to write funny group announcements?

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  1. Idea: You can use intentional and serious tone to explain related group rules, such as not scolding, but you can be single -headed, etc. The specific content is as follows:
    1, the entryrs must send photos for everyone to appreciate everyone's appreciation If you are not sure about your appearance, you must first send the photos to the administrator. It can be released publicly after the administrator estimates the support of the members in the group! It is well known!
    2, any friends who enter the group need to report yourself, height, one of the jade photos, marriage and love, etc., and do not obey the group to see the group for three days; in addition, you must not dive in the group. Bubble and irrigation, otherwise the administrator will be drowned depending on the mood.
    3. In the first half of the year, fire can be tested, so that our group has embarked on a great path of sustainable development. There is a new idea of ​​irrigation. If you come, we must say tightly in the group, there is no way out.
    4, the mountains are not high, there are stones; water is not deep, there is fish; there is no way in the group, you can have you. Come on, we are a loving family, because your existence is more exciting!
    5, you must not scold people in the group to fight for a person with personal attacks, you can solve it privately. If you are beaten, please call 110 or ask the administrator for help, but the administrator is not responsible for the first time for others.

  2. The group announcement is generally funny by self -deprecation. Try to write non -mainstream some
    . If you want to refer to some funny content, you can download an app called hey

  3. Actively speak in the group and family, and will be deemed to be drowning for long -term divers.

    My proud of love group, ashamed to withdraw from the group; ashamed to obey the group owner, ashamed of departing from the group owner; Diligence irrigation is proud, ashamed of secret diving; shame with mutual help, proud of each other; shame with frequent online, ashamed of stealth; proud of love with love, shame with handsome guys; public chat public chat; Ashamed to talk about private chat;

    The mountains are not high, and there are stones. Intersection

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