State WeChat group stipulated management system

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  1. The owner has supervision responsibilities. With the continuous improvement of the law and the continuous improvement of the awareness of the personal rights and interests of citizens, if the owner does not fulfill its supervision responsibilities for illegal acts in the group or infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of others, it may bear legal responsibility. If the owner of civil liability stops the group members in a timely manner to issue the content of infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of others, it will not assume civil liability with the group members who have published improper content due to fault. Otherwise, it is possible to bear joint responsibility.
    The illegal content that is not yet criminal punishment issued by the public security punishment is not yet criminal punishment. If the owner does not perform its supervision responsibilities, it may face a common security punishment.
    Criminal liability for criminal crimes of criminal responsibilities. If you do not exercise supervision responsibilities, let the group members crimes illegally, subjectively, may constitute indirect intentional intentions, thereby constitute a common crime with the crime group members. The so -called indirect intention indicates the result of knowing that your behavior may endanger the society, and intentionally let it go, so that the psychological attitude of this result occurs.

    Legal basis:
    "The Regulations on the Management of Information Service Management of Internet Groups" Article 9 of the founder and manager of the Internet group shall fulfill the management responsibilities of group groups, in accordance with laws and regulations, user agreements, and platforms The Convention, standardize the release of network behavior and information of the group, and build a civilized and orderly network group space.

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