Corporate honor of Xianghe Three Industrial Group

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  1. While constantly growing bigger and stronger agricultural industries, the group has continuously expanded its business fields. The establishment of urban real estate comprehensive development Co., Ltd. is a successful example of the group seizing opportunities and opening up the market. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the starting point of high starting points, high standards of business ideas, and establishing the development concept of "creating high -quality projects, creating high -quality houses, and creating the top three brands", and strives People, ecological harmony high -quality living environment. Over the past few years, the company has developed dozens of high -standard residential areas such as "Kangningyuan Community", "Yingbin Community", and "Continental Heroes", as well as "Jingwei Furniture City", "New One Middle School", and five people's courts A series of commercial and public key projects such as office buildings and two county centers and other elderly homes have been well received and highly praised by consumers, merchants, and governments. Since 2001, the company has been awarded the "Consumer Trusted Unit" by the Langfang Consumer Association. For the "Human Environment Optimization Demonstration Community".
    In addition, the Group's top three construction engineering Co., Ltd. established in 2002 (second level of the national construction engineering qualification level). Xianghe Market) is a powerful and influential enterprise in Xianghe and even provincial and cities.
    The group continues to explore the market, strengthen its own competitiveness, and improve economic benefits. It also actively devoted himself to the public welfare cause of "giving back to the society and benefiting the people" to actively participate in the quality of the people's personal life. In 2002, the group and the county government signed a water supply agreement on urban areas. They raised more than 100 million yuan, and they had 6 eyes in deep water wells, laid more than 150 kilometers of water pipelines, and achieved a daily supply of clean water 30,000 tons. The quality has contributed. In addition, the county's first sewage treatment company, the top three sewage treatment plants, officially started in 2006. Its built-up and put into use will greatly improve the living environment of the urban residents of the county, and for the environmental protection cause and economy of Xianghe River. Sustainable development brings unlimited vitality and hope.
    The "May 1st Park" created by the group created by the group, the investment in the construction of the construction, and the investment involved in the construction. Over the past few years, the group's selfless donations for social welfare undertakings have reached more than 20 million yuan, and the taxes have been paid by 150 million yuan.
    In view of the unremitting efforts of Xianghe Economic Construction, the county governments and partners at all levels of the county have given great support for the economic construction of Xianghe. Deeply rooted and developed. In 2006, Hebei Sanqiang Credit Guarantee Co., Ltd. was the only credit guarantee institution approved by the municipal government, with a registered capital of RMB 10 million. Engineering quality guarantee, bidding guarantee, owners' payment guarantee, prepayment guarantee, investment consultant, loan wealth management, commission financing and re -guarantee services.
    In September 2006, following the establishment of the Three Gentinary Credit Guarantee Co., Ltd., the municipal auction institution Langfang Xingye auction Co., Ltd. approved by the Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce and the Langfang Industry and Commerce Bureau has been established. As an indispensable part of the professional market intermediary service agency, it is mainly engaged in public property auction, real estate auction, bankruptcy enterprise and idle equipment auction, intangible asset auction and motor vehicle auction. The auction objects cover various fields and products, including tangible and intangible. Following the principles of "fairness, justice, and openness", special trading methods with the characteristics of the purchase of objects, the transparency of the purchase process, the appropriate price, and the strong legal binding power have played the role of other intermediary service agencies in the market economy. At the same time, the Huatai Micro Credit Bank of Xianghe County and the Langfang Xingye Classics, they mainly provide financial services for small and medium -sized enterprises and other economic entities in our county.
    Te three strong industrial groups are full of confidence in the development prospects of Xianghe. The Group will continue to advance its investment development strategy in Xianghe and provide more and better products and services for the people of Xianghe.
    With the continuous development of the group's cause and the continuous enhancement of strength, corporate culture construction is mentioned. Therefore, the Group proposed the slogan of "building the top three culture" in early 2006, and worked hard to make it a new flash point of the group, the "help device" of the group.
    The brilliant performance has won praise and recognition from society and superiors. In 2003, Chairman Wang Shangxin was awarded the tenth "Top Ten Outstanding Youths" by the Langfang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and was awarded the title of "National Youth Entrepreneurship of Rural Entrepreneurship" by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Central Committee. In 2006, the title of "Socialist Construction" was awarded by the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government.
    The achievements and honors only record the past. The top three industrial groups will always take "integrity, quality, and pursuit of excellence" as the purpose of the development of enterprises. Faced with the infinite future of business opportunities, the top three groups are full of confidence.
    The three strong industrial groups are sincerely willing to cooperate with friends and people from all walks of life to create a better future!

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