Want to do the waste recycling industry, how is the prospects? How much need to be invested

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  1. First type: Camp Zhazhai

    1, store location
    is suitable for stores. Generally, you choose to be near the community. The location is not particularly good. Customers enter and exit:
    2, store rent
    It recommended rent is 2,000 yuan/month, up to 3,000 yuan;
    3, store size
    In open stores, the operating area is at least 20 square meters, the location is There is no place to put it in the waste that you take back;
    : Add brick and tile
    1, the equipment needed in the store:
    (1) The shelves can be customized by themselves according to the plane structure of the store;
    (2) The door head is a necessity, and the door must be made, and the relevant propaganda materials are prepared in the store;
    (3) a must -have for large three -wheel wheels. n2. Related software system assistance:
    (1) The function of small programs is required. Some platforms can provide this. Some platforms not only provide small programs, but also have orders to send them down;
    (2) You need to have statistical tools, and most platforms can be provided. I personally think that this is more valuable. The daily receiving volume is recorded by the category of the receipt price. The third formula: Haina Baichuan
    1, distributing leaflet
    The community in the area nearby, a large number of leaflets, and allowing residents' living waste products to sell to you:
    2, ground push coverage
    Push, so that the owner of the store knows that you can collect waste and go to the door;
    3, docking resources
    dock some intentional resources, such as construction sites, big supermarkets are where large shipments are shipped, and can be connected to docking. Docking as soon as possible;
    Anyway, as long as it is a customer, the comer will not refuse!
    Fang Fourth Form: Turning waste into treasure
    1, low buying high
    is a business, buying at a low price, selling at high prices, to earn the difference
    1, Division categories
    All waste products are classified. There are dozens of categories, especially metals, and many classifications, which must be classified;
    2, removal and decomposition Learn to disassemble small appliances. Various metals of small appliances are high -value items. Only when you learn to disassemble can you become waste and find it out;
    offline In the entity, we have integrated resources such as terminal recycling stations, channel factories, and convenient services;
    are online, based on the comprehensive system platform of independent research and development, integrate and drainage, provide customers with a number of customers, and provide users with more convenient recycling recycling Service;
    If you are interested in this industry, you can find us

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