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  1. There may be dozens or even hundreds of investment projects in the hands of a successful investor, so he has encountered various investment projects, and he usually avoids risks. The risk is behind, so it is important to make investors rest assured.

    The approach that allows investors to intuitively understand the risk of this project is to let him know how you plan to operate this industry. For example, how much time, how many resources, and how much property you will invest in stocks are willing to abandon your original stable source of income for this industry, thereby evaluating the industry's risk for you. Because investors are not willing to bear greater risks than entrepreneurs.

    It is the correctness of the business plan. That is to say, you need to want him to explain why? Why do you have you to do it? Why do you do it now. Because most entrepreneurs can only find problems and solve problems, but investors often care about the diagnosis, because only the root cause of the problem can avoid the occurrence of the same problem in the future.

    The last is to let investors know the core competitiveness. In today's new economy, competitors are everywhere, so that investors understand his potential risks. And this can allow investors to know, where are your competitors' advantages.

    It to let investors understand why you invest in

    The core purpose of an investment project is profit, so let investors know the interest chain and profit model of your company. Enterprise vision and business model are the basic two items for investors to understand project profitability. And this needs to be properly packaged in the good business model before negotiating with investors and depict a clear vision for your business, so as to make the investment look forward to the project.

    It is to let investors know where customers and market vision. Customers are the core of any product and service profitability, so let investors know the positioning of customers and the value of customer value; the market prospects of your company also have a pivotal role in the profit of investors, so you need to have one allowance The company's rapid expansion plan, and tell investors how ambitious you are, how long you will get a market share will be obtained in the future, etc. These will greatly affect investors' investment trust and funds for investors The quota.

    Because this is the main part of the interests of investors, you must make clear points when negotiating, and do not cause some unnecessary misunderstandings.

    It the positioning of investors

    This to understand the background of the investor and the resume is also very important for you to pull your investment. The reason why Ma Yun was able to get a $ 20 million in venture investment from Sun Zhengyi because Sun Zhengyi appreciated Ma Yun very much, and Sun Zhengyi himself has also done the Internet. He has enough understanding of his company, so he dares to pay the money safely. Give Ma Yun.

    So if we want to find investors, we must do their homework for investors who are about to negotiate. Whether it is background, connections, or past investment projects, we must investigate A high -quality negotiating plan, and doing the homework of investors, will also bring a good impression on the negotiating objects.

    This to market itself

    In the process of getting along with investors, the most important point is to let the other party know enough about you and trust you, because this is the cooperation between the two parties to cooperate The premise, so it is very important to give the other party a good image.

    Mou must first be courageous, and it is necessary to say that it will make the other party think that you are an efficient person; secondly, you must show reliability, sincere and respect for the other party. You can let the other party put down the alert to you faster and promote cooperation faster; there must be information to the other party constantly passing the information of "you work hard", which can be reflected in you can be found by the other party at any time. When you really meet, you can report it on time, so that the other party can think that you are a very reliable person; finally to show your professionalism to the other party. Everyone will give it to the most professional person to do it, so a professional image has a very active role in promoting the cooperation between the two parties.

  2. Hello, for startups, there are no more connections and resources for start -ups, and there will be a confusion of how to find financing, but I'm not afraid, I will tell you. Looking for financing in two steps, first, find investors; second, submit a business plan, so that the door to financing is opened.

    . Looking for investors

    1. Friend recommendation

    If you are familiar with people in your circle of friends, you can find them to recommend it, Generally speaking, the success rate of acquaintance multiples is high.

    2. Financing website

    Now there are many Internet platforms, you can find investors on the website. Choosing this channel is extra careful and carefully consider whether the investors you find are reliable.

    3. Professional FA

    The professional FA has many customer resources to meet your diverse needs. Professional affairs are given to professional people to do it.

    4. Entrepreneurship competition and financing roadshow activities

    . Preparation of business plan

    as a startup company, when you have a good project, Well, when the target investor, when you want to negotiate with investors, you must prepare a business plan that can show your project advantages. The business plan is a written material that comprehensively demonstrates the company and the project's current situation and future development potential to comprehensively display the company and the project in order to achieve investment financing and other development goals. The business plan is a comprehensive project plan. The main intention is to submit it to investors so that they can judge enterprises or projects and make enterprises get financing.

    The writing good business plan can quickly help you get the favor of investors, open the door of investors, and increase financing success rates. Entrepreneurs must fully attach importance to the writing of business plans

  3. If you want to start a business, you need to consider the following questions at least:
    1. Consider the appropriate entrepreneurial project. For example, you want to engage in the catering industry, clothing industry, Internet industry, education industry, or other industries; do you start a business in the form of franchise or independent operation; whether to operate online stores or physical stores. At the same time, you need to consider whether the entrepreneurial projects you choose are prospects for development and whether you can make a profit.
    2. Consider whether it has qualifications. For example, if you want to engage in the catering industry, whether you have experience and necessary knowledge in this area.
    3. Consider the issue of entrepreneurial funds. Any entrepreneurship is inseparable from entrepreneurial funds, are you ready for sufficient funds? In addition, any entrepreneurial is likely to fail, and are you ready to lose money.
    If you are starting a business and insufficient turnover funds, you can try to apply for borrowing. Now there are many credit platforms that help small and micro enterprises' funds turnover. Remember to choose a regular platform, such as small full finance, low interest rates, low interest rates, and 70 % of the small and micro enterprise owners of small and micro. The brand is more at ease. For small and micro -enterprise families, on May 21, 2021, Du Xiaoman Financial launched a small and micro activity with the theme of "Home and Wanyexing", providing 100,000 "daily interest millions of insurance" gift package. The quantity is limited.
    The answer is provided by Kangbo Finance. Kangbo Finance focuses on the interpretation of financial hot events, science of financial knowledge science, follows professionalism, pursues interesting, and is a financial content that the people can understand. Essence I hope this answer is helpful to you.

  4. How do I invest in entrepreneurship? In the early stages of entrepreneurship, try to start from a young age, make the initial mode or finished product, to attract more investment, or your business planning book allows investors to recognize it. It is believed that they will invest you in market prospects.

  5. If you do well, you will invest in the door instead of starting funds.
    This is the goodwill that the product has unique products in the market in the market in the market and has a certain user group in the market

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