Top ten brands of home improvement furniture?

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  1. 1. Turri
    Turri's overall design is biased towards the neoclassical style. It is a unique home brand series that exists in classical and modern. The craftsmanship is unique in detail and unique in style. It integrates traditional culture and modern elements, and is inspired by the essence of the classical style of European style. Furniture products.

    . Italian imported furniture Bentley Home
    Bentley Home implements the brand characteristic design concept, the style perfectly presents the low -key luxury of Britain, using delicate and soft high -quality leather to eliminate it to eliminate it Damage and asymmetric positions ensure the appearance of all products and durable. Bentley HOME brought exquisite handmade craftsmanship and strict material selection to the extreme, shaping the luxurious and comfortable living space as a royal family for all people who pursue elegance and luxury.
    Fendi Casa has been committed to adhering to its own style and excellent quality pursuit, and continuously integrates into the new era element on the basis of continuing the traditional classic history and culture of Italy, so that every piece of furniture The products are unique. FENDI CASA uses high -quality leather fabrics, hand -sewing, and use minimalist and smooth lines to modify to create a three -dimensional shape, exquisite and elegant furniture series.
    4. Baxter

    baxter's design, almost no style restrictions. It highlights the people -oriented design concept and shows a super ordinary brand realm. BAXTER uses exquisite leather as raw materials. The diversified elements of unique iron and stone texture are impressive, beautiful, soft and comfortable. It is a masterpiece of low -key luxury furniture. It is also the most reflected alternative art.
    5. Italian imported furniture Roberto Cavalli Home

    Roberto Cavalli Home inherits the essence of the Roberto Cavalli brand graceful and luxurious concept of the wild. , Leather fur, gemstone crystal and other materials, fine work, bold color matching and design. While creating comfortable home products, they show luxurious and unrestrained, challenging the traditional respect and unruly, and the combination of romance and wildness, highlighting all kinds of furniture, more noble, elegant, elegant elegance The temperament of fashion.
    6. Italy imported furniture Bottega Veneta
    Bottega Veneta continues brand culture, presented to everyone's elegant, noble, and clear design ideas and outlines. Create a modern and self -confident modern imported furniture, low -key luxury furniture charm will inadvertently show your high -end taste and personal charm.
    7. Teckell imported furniture

    Teckell is a unique top Italian private custom brand. To build it, the details of elegance and exquisiteness are fully reflected in the details of each product.
    8, Italian imported furniture Agresti
    Agresti is a world -famous luxury wood products brand, which has also created a series of high -quality distinguished positions in various series of furniture. The uniqueness of the product lies in the elegant and luxurious style, the style of unique design and its practical characteristics. The eternal sense and soft tone of natural logs will be comfortable and indifferent. Italian traditional handicraft and natural texture elements and colors will work together to create a unique atmosphere, and light up the space, bringing multiple sensory experiences of natural pure art.
    9. Italian imported furniture Cipriani Homood
    Cipriani Homood furniture brand design is inspired by the inspiration of life love and in -depth exploration of art to create beauty and create a beautiful vision of artistic integration to life to show the world CIPRIANI. Homood's unique charm. The product adopts high -quality native wood, refined surface treatment, uniquely compacting technology, and uses precious leather materials to show low -key luxury on the basis of simple line style.
    10. Imported furniture in Italy
    is an indispensable household product series that shaped high -quality life. Each product advocates luxury and atmosphere under the premise of creating Italian relaxed and noble life atmosphere. Adhere to the rigorous structure and unique handmade inlaid technology, and strive for the perfection in each detail.

  2. 2010板式家具十大品牌排行介绍由顾商团购网整理提供:rnrn  板式家具十大品牌排行:1、红苹果家具2、意风家具3、掌上名珠家具4、玉庭Furniture 5, Wenzhou Fudubao Furniture 6, Dinoah Furniture 7, De Tai Furniture 8, Pacific Furniture 9, ROCO Laocha 10, Federal Furniture R
    , Red Apple Furniture
    , in the minds of the vast number of consumers, red apple furniture is well -known or well -known. The company's board furniture products are fashionable and colorful. Red Apple Furniture Company was founded in Hong Kong in 1981, established a production base in Shenzhen in 1987, and started domestic sales in 1993. It is professional engaged in high -end board furniture, mattresses and sofas research and development, production and operation. 30 million yuan is one of the most large -scale furniture manufacturers in China. The plant area exceeds 250,000 square meters. The company has absorbed a large number of professional design, marketing and corporate management talents, and has more than 2,000 skilled workers with high quality. For more than two decades, the company's heavy investment technology introduction and equipment innovation has currently owned a full set of plate furniture and mattress production equipment introduced from Germany, Italy, the United States, and Switzerland. Essence "True material is the sincerity" is the belief of the Red Apple. The red apple that is committed to leading furniture and fashion will continue to pioneer for the as always to create a healthy, environmentally friendly, personality, and fashionable home product. The top ten brands of board furniture in 2008 ranked first.

    . Italian wind furniture

    Beijing Lifeng Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 1987. It is located in Chaoyang District, Beijing. It is convenient for transportation and elegant environment. The company covers an area of ​​200 acres and has a construction area of ​​80,000 square meters. It is a large -scale joint -stock company that produces solid wood furniture and environmentally friendly wrench furniture.

    For a long time, the "e -wind" brand has won the favor of consumers with its excellent and stable quality. The products are sold in more than 40 cities and regions such as Beijing, Hubei, Qingdao, Dalian, Shanxi, Henan, Shandong, and Inner Mongolia.

    This "Aiger (formerly Love) Board", "Ruihao" edge, French "Fantari" hot melting glue, German "Heidi Poetry" guide, Italy "Ferrari" The hinge of the product makes the product watch as one, durable.

    The theme of market -led, assets as the link, and development is the concept of Lifeng people to explore the development brand.

    "People -oriented, continuous innovation is the development concept of the enterprise."

    The customer first, service supremacy is the continuous business philosophy of Lifeng.

    This is aggressive, and keeping pace with the times is the spirit of hard work.

    The top ten brands of board furniture ranked second.

    . The palm on the palm of the pearl furniture

    The group was founded in 1990. After eighteen years of excitement, it has developed into a modern large -scale enterprise that integrates design, production, and sales. group.

    The Pearl Furniture Industrial Park, which is located in Chongzhou, Chengdu, China, covers hundreds of acres. It has modern standard steel plants and domestic first -class furniture research and development centers, logistics centers and exhibition centers. The world -class automation production line and the quality testing laboratory with international advanced levels, and relying on well -known colleges and universities, have formed a R

  3. With the development of the economy, more and more people have their own houses, keeping up with the pace of the trend of the times, and also formed their own unique creativity. To solve this problem, the rise of customized furniture makes people with difficulty choice more headaches. There are more brands of custom furniture. I don’t know which one to choose. What are the top ten brands?

    Top ten brands of custom furniture: Kania Wardrobe
    Kania Wardrobe was established in March 2001, integrating R

  4. 1 Qumei (China Famous Trademark, China Famous Brand, China Environmental Labeling Certification, Beijing Famous Trademark, Beijing Qumei Furniture Group)
    2 Red Apple (China Famous Brand, Furniture Brand, Guangdong Famous Brand, Famous Brand of Industry, Brand, Shenzhen Tiancheng Furniture Co., Ltd.)
    3 IKEA IKEA (Top Ten Furniture Brands, Industry Leadership Brand, the world's largest retailer, IKEA Industrial Group)
    4 Federation of China Furniture brand, Guangdong Famous Brand Product, Guangdong Federal Family Private Group)
    5 Huiri (China Famous Trademark, China Famous Brand, Top Ten Furniture Brands, China Environmental Labeling Certification, Huiri Furniture Co., Ltd.) Star (China Famous Brand, Top Ten Furniture Brands, the largest home and circulation brand in East China, Jiangsu Yuexing Group)
    7 Shuangye (China Famous Brand, China Famous Trademark, Top Ten Furniture Brands, Famous Trademark in Heilongjiang, Shuangye Furniture, Shuangye Furniture Industrial Co., Ltd.)
    8 Meikemeijia (Chinese famous trademark, Chinese brand -name product, top ten furniture brands, Meikemei Furniture Chain Co., Ltd.)
    9 Huafeng (China Famous Trademark, China Famous Brand, Liaoning Province Famous Brand , Famous Trademark in Liaoning Province, Dalian Huafeng Furniture Group)
    10 Quanyou (China Famous Brand, Top Ten Furniture Brands, China Environmental Mark Product Certification, Quanyoujia Private Co., Ltd.)
    The brand query website query the latest ten people's furniture brands. If the building is mainly interested, you can go there to check it out. There are detailed relevant information inside.

  5. Quanyou, Qu Mei, Federation, Red Apple, IKEA. Shuanghu, Shuangye, dynasty, Tujiang, the pearl on the palm of the palm

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