Industrial and Commercial Bank's business advantage?

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  1. Compared with the domestic industry, the advantages of ICBC in terms of service are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
    1. ICBC's customer -centric service concept.
    I. as the largest commercial bank in China, ICBC adheres to the characteristics of "customer -centric and market -oriented" business philosophy, combined with the characteristics of industrial banks, strong technology strength, and good team foundation, from product development to specific ones to specific ones to specific ones Business processing, customer consultation acceptance, etc. From the perspective of facilitating customers and serving customers, we will strive to improve service quality.
    . There are many business outlets of ICBC, covering a wide range of customer bases.
    . As of the end of 2004, ICBC has more than 20,000 business outlets across the country, covering most cities in China. At present, ICBC has about 100 million personal customers and more than 3 million corporate customers.
    It with the customer screening strategies pursued by some banks, the ICBC's service objects include customer groups of ordinary customers, mid -range customers and high -end customers. Different service.

    . ICBC has a large investment in customer service.
    In recent years, ICBC has invested a lot of manpower and material resources, collecting customer feedback, analyzing customer needs, and continuously introducing new financial products and services according to customer needs. On the other hand, relying on the leading scientific and technological power in the industry, it has expanded new service channels and provides customers with diversified services.
    The current industrial behavior customers provide a variety of electronic banking service channels such as telephone banking, online banking, mobile banking, and self -service terminals, which not only meets the needs of customers to consult and handle bank business without leaving home, but also extended the banking business, but also extended the extension of the banking business. The service time of the bank took the lead in achieving a 7 × 24 -hour banking service.
    The investment in customer service has achieved quite good results. In 2005, the average monthly acceptance business of Northern Phone Banking Center alone reached 358,000, with an connection rate of 97 %; Webmaster mailbox average monthly averaged 3723 The seal, the response rate is as high as 98 %; the amount of posting of the BBS forum also reached 14830 posts.
    . ICBC has a strong team foundation.
    First of all, ICBC has more than 300,000 proficient employees with high -quality services to customers. At the same time, they also regularly conduct business knowledge and professional ethics for employees to ensure high -level services. Second, ICBC owns domestic domestic in China With absolute leading advantages, it provides reliable guarantee for high -quality financial services.
    Pucting information: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China in China
    The ICBC has the largest customer base in China, one of the largest commercial banks in China, and one of the top 500 companies in the world. ICBC is the company as the company. Customers and personal customers provide diversified and professional financial services. Its scope, large business volume, and rich business variety.
    2003 In the end of 2003, personal consumption loan balance reached 407.5 billion yuan, and the market share of personal housing loans ranked first in China;
    The number of peony card issuance was 95.95 million, and the consumption amount was about 97.3 billion yuan. 100 million yuan;
    The RMB settlement market share reached 45%, and the liquidation share in the securities and futures market remained above 50%;
    The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is still the largest asset custody bank in China, with a total of 28 custody funds. , Total assets of 58.1 billion yuan.
    The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has the most advanced scientific and technological level in China. On the basis of the large centralized data concentration project, in 2003, ICBC successfully put into production of the full -function bank (Nova) system, plus data provided technology based on personalized services to provide technical foundation data for personalized services. The warehouse, which together constitutes a financial information technology platform with an international advanced level, provides a strong motivation for business and management progress.
    With the strong support of scientific and technological means, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China ’s businesses are constantly innovating. The three -dimensional service system composed of self -service banks, telephone banking, mobile banking and online banking is becoming increasingly mature. Online banks have opened more than 400 cities. In 2003, e -bank transactions reached 22.3 trillion yuan, online bank transactions were 1.9.4 trillion yuan Essence
    The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China implemented a unified business bank management system authorized by the unified legal person. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China head office is the operation and management center, fund dispatching center, and leadership command center of the bank. It has the property rights of the legal person throughout the bank and is responsible for the benefits, safety and liquidity of the entire bank.
    On the basis of authorization and credit management, implement a branch management model of "lower management level and monitoring two levels" to achieve the goal of stable operations, prevent risks, and improve economic benefits.
    Te ICBC has achieved diversified and innovative development in the middle business. In 2008, the net handling fee and commission income of ICBC reached RMB 44 billion, an increase of 14.7%over the same period last year. All indicators ranks first in domestic peers.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

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