How to find a customer for running business?

I do mechanical equipment and feel that running business is very difficult. There are a lot of corporate information but few can successfully place orders. I can only continue to develop new customers, but the results are still the same, the information is sent out, and the phone calls. There is still no list. What should I do

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  1. 1. Based on their own products and service content, carefully study what kind of groups of their target customer groups and what they have.
    2. Analyze your own advantages and disadvantages, and shape the sales model and routine that suits your style.
    3, use the network resources around you, accumulate little by little, and establish confidence for yourself.
    4. Learn to use tools. Now it is the Internet era, and the mobile Internet has also arrived.
    5. Train your communication ability and expression ability, and at the same time improve your understanding and understanding ability.
    . Caier refers to the staff of specific special economic businesses in the organization, such as production, planning, ordering, accounting, statistics, prices, advertising and other specific businesses. At the same time, it refers to the person who is responsible for a specific business operation. When making orders, it can be called a salesman.

  2. The first three months of the company's just entering the company are the most critical three months to test whether the salesperson can succeed. These three months can be said to have affected the business work of the salesperson in the future. The first of which is facing this is how to find the customer's question and how to find target customers. Generally speaking, after entering a new company, the product knowledge that is familiar with about 1 week must be found to visit customers by themselves. If there is no business manager or a boss to provide customer resources, you can find customers through the following methods.

    1, yellow pages, general companies have many yellow pages, such as "Shenzhen Yellow Pages". We can find our original target customers according to the above classification. Now there are many professional industry yellow pages in Shenzhen, such as home appliance yellow pages, toys yellow pages, etc. Salesperson is best to find such yellow pages to collect first -hand information. These yellow pages are available in ordinary libraries. You can take a book there to copy there.

    2, browsing recruitment advertisements, as if in Shenzhen, the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Daily has a large number of recruitment advertisements every day, and "Southern Metropolis Daily" every Monday has recruitment advertisements. We can pass it. Reading recruitment advertisements to get the customers we want. We can also go to the nearby recruitment market to see. The general recruitment market will post the name of the daily recruitment unit and the recruitment type at the door. We can also analyze what he does through the types of his recruitment. The customer wants. There are also we can go to some large industrial areas to turn around. Now almost all the factories are recruited, and they can be found through the recruitment advertisement at their door. We can also watch the recruitment website online, such as Zhuobo Recruitment Network.

    The benefits of the customers found from the recruitment advertisement are the first new customers, because there are many new factories, he either open or just moved, if we first first first, first first, Finding him, that is, to board it first. In addition, the business of manufacturers with the ability to recruit a large number of recruits is better, and the recovery of the payment after the business is successful in the future is relatively confident.

    3, network search. We can search through the keywords. If you enter the name of the customer's production products we are looking for at Baidu, we can find a large number of customers. We can also find customers through professional websites, such as Alibaba, such as HC and so on. In this way, we can find a list of many customers. You can also find the boss's mobile phone number and the name of the boss.

    4. We also have to go to the streets to find customers. We go to the mall. I usually go to the home appliance mall to see. They all have packaging, or the names of the brand and the company. We can record it. Go back and go online to find it. We can judge the business of a customer through the sales of the products of the mall. This also reflects his economic strength from the side.

    5, but I personally think that the best way to find customers is to develop customers through the mutual introduction of the communication network. In the future, business pay attention to resource sharing. For example, you are doing wires, I do a plug, and he is a resistance. We do a audio customer at the same time. If we can share resources and introduce each other's good customers, it is very easy and worry -free to do it in this way. And because our customers are watching each other, what winds are winding and grass moves. Can you prevent it? Isn't the risk lower?

    6, the best way is to introduce customers, which is the highest rate of success. After having several primitive customers, the powerful salesperson will seriously serve these customers and be friends with them. When you are familiar with, let them introduce them to your peers or friends. Don't let them give you a list at this time. You can find it there. The main thing is to let him call you. If he helped you make a recommendation call, it's better to make 100 calls. In the future, you will mainly serve the customers he introduces, and then let this new customer introduce in order, so you can easily find your customer network pull.

    So we have many ways to find the customers we want, as long as we have to take care. There are three things on the salesperson's body. When they are shining, these three things are: pen, small notebook, business card. Others say that there are 8 eyes of the salesperson, which is also very reasonable. Pay attention to everywhere in life, and you can find a lot of business opportunities.
    It hope it is useful to you

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, search for resource network or sohojoy is Excel format, no polite! Enterprise yellow pages (screened according to regions and industries), supply and demand information (users can release), Canton Fair list, cloud control batch guide powder test (communication recruitment VCARD or CVF conversion introduction), CRM management system, currently the yellow page we often say is the yellow page is currently the yellow page is the yellow page. Refers to the telephone number book. At present, almost every city in the world has this paper number book (yellow page) printed by the carrier. Now the free Chinese yellow pages, corporate lists, business guidelines, consumer guidelines, etc., which are popular on the Internet, can also be regarded as various forms of expression of yellow pages; yellow pages can be published and published to the public in various forms such as printed matter, CD, and the Internet.

  4. What industry running business to make money/good running; companies that make money and running are like a diamond Wang Lao Wu, will Wang Lao Wu be around for young women? Can just be a beauty who can get his favor? Will there be less good salespersons? Will a good salesman leave a good company? A good salesman will naturally find a good company, a good salesperson does not leave the good company, of course, a good company does not lack good salespersons! So good salesperson is difficult to have a chance to interview, and you are better than a good salesman and become a sales elite! This can move a good company! If you haven't done business and have not participated in professional training and guidance, you have to ask me what industry is good for making money. Does this have to do with you? The boss is not a fool. Of course, he wants to spend money to invite a useful one, not to invite me! Money

  5. Through Baidu search engine, 90%of domestic users use Baidu. And how to find customers on Baidu, this knowledge is particular about, there are many ways, such as SEO. There is also through the QQ group, because the group is a place where common people gather. How to find customers online and teach me in detail.

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