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  1. In general, I have contributed to the information of the United States. It is not easy for Chinese people to enter the American game industry. There are not many positions. They are mainly free leisure gaming circles. If you want to be too good, you can find the same job where you find this. The more intense the competition, the higher the language. Even if you do n’t work, you must play happily in a country and need language skills to work in the United States. Face the problem of a work visa. As an international talent, even if you sign a job, you need to apply for a work visa. The company needs to pay for a lawyer. The formalities are very troublesome. Many small companies are unwilling to do it.
    If the company is willing to do it, there are only one chance of handling each year, and the lottery decision is passed. In 2013, it was about 1/2 of the lottery. In 2014, 1/3 of it can be legally working. This is only for you to work. Visa, if you have the idea of ​​staying in the United States (if you have a work visa for more than 6 years, you will not need a green card or citizen). There are more troublesome policies. If you do n’t discuss the visa, it means: international talents I can only find a large company that can afford foreigners, or small companies are willing to trouble you for you. The impact of thinking about the youth of the United States is: now the game industry in the United States is full of flowers, many emerging studios, independent developers, art, art, art, art, art, art, art, art, and art. The game is refreshing, but if you are not an American, many independent developers who are difficult to participate are small teams less than 5 people. There are more than ten or twenty people in the industry. Above, generally unwilling to add a bunch of trivial matters to a new employee to raise a large company that can support foreigners. There are many main types of posts: 1. Mobile games, leisure games, such as Zynga, Gameloft, Kabam,. The factory is switched to mobile games, such as EA, Disney, 2K3. The core to the game, such as SCE, EA, Blizzard, RioT, and many developers such as, Bungie, Infinity Wards, Treyarch, Bethesda, Gearbox, Crystal Dynamics (these a while ago There are open positions.) Most people want to come to the United States to do games, but now they are all running, but now the mobile games are relatively hot, and the core of the core to the game is relatively small.
    1, 2 is the same as the normal job finding the law. You can go to the official website to vote, or you can go to the recruitment website, such as LinkedIn, Gamasutra, Glassdoor, Monster, Indeed. In fact, it is almost the same. It is also the official website or recruitment website, but it is difficult to enter a lot, because there are a lot of posts and a large number of U.S. locals want to enter. White people are mainly white. Some people have made MOD -writing engine paintings. Dream of people dreaming of their own dreams, and the elderly (old to Atari) are still constantly changing jobs in the circle. So if you want to enter this lap It is extremely strong, the host experience has almost necessarily, and then enthusiasm. You must like to play the work of that studio. You must also be very enthusiastic about the entire industry. This will require interviews and Cover Letter (job search letter) It is reflected in -American companies usually need to submit Cover Letter when applying. Some companies or industries can be mixed with universal templates. Game companies usually read them carefully. You need to be in a short article. Show your enthusiasm for this company. This directly means that you can't invest in sea, you can only pick a few of you who really want to go. In the interview, I only have the experience of programmers. Simply put, the front -line studio is more difficult than the large company in the software industry. Most of the software companies' interview questions are moderate programming questions. Many face -to -face scriptures can be found on the Internet, such as CareerCup, Leetcode. The game company will also take these questions, but in addition to this, it will also take the game -related questions (images, mathematics, physics, networks, system structures), and the topics of technology used by the company (OpenGL, DX, Unity, Unreal, Unreal , Web), or write a small game on the spot, some interviewers (also programmers) will even test their own difficult problems in their work (a person who encounters a Bungie), so the question is still brushed, but it still has to be brushed, but it still has to be brushed, but Also prepare a lot of dry goods, and can do well in advance. For example, what technology is best to use for the target studio and prepare you carefully for a long time. After the investment, it is likely that there is no news. There may be better candidates, and the skills may not be in line with open positions. This situation is very common, especially if there are not many companies who invest, you can only wait for new positions to continue voting, so do not apply for a desperate application. At the same time, you need to do it at the same time. Some companies (such as Blizzard) will feel that this is not understanding the industry / I don't know what the division of labor is doing, or I don't know what the career goals I want to do is not clear.

  2. In early 2004, the university industry was planned to enter the game industry. After more than a year, he changed jobs to Shanghai UBI. For the first time, he worked with many foreigners, which played a vital role in my future development. In the day of Shanghai UBI, I slowly found that there was no way to do stand -alone games in China, and I was extremely annoying MMO, so I started to consider how to go abroad to do games. It was in early 2006 that a few colleagues with the same ideal began to invest directly in foreign countries. At that time, they didn't know if they could achieve it, but they were better than not to vote. In the end, I received the offer of a German company and went to Germany alone, but after staying in a few months, I found that there was no drama in this place, so I immediately moved again. Let me have some fantasies about UBI Montreal, but finally turned the fantasy into reality, and in 2007, it was recorded in Canada. 7 years have passed, the identity problem has been solved, my wife and children are also practical, and I have jumped again. For so many years to go abroad, I feel that returning to China is basically far away.

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