What are the specific measures to promote the development of small and medium -sized enterprises and build industrial clusters?

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  1. (1) Strengthen coordination leadership. Departments at all levels should attach great importance to the development of the industrial cluster of SMEs, and take the accelerated development of the industrial cluster of SMEs as an important measure to implement the scientific development concept and promote the steady economic development of the economy. It is necessary to conscientiously implement policies and measures to encourage the development of the private economy and small and medium -sized enterprises, create a good environment, and guide the scientific development of the industrial cluster of small and medium -sized enterprises. It is necessary to establish and improve the work coordination mechanism to promote the development of the industrial cluster of SMEs, and effectively strengthen macro management and coordination services for the development of the industrial cluster of SMEs. Establish a joint conference system for the development of small and medium -sized enterprise industrial clusters. The leaders of the municipal government are the convener. The heads of the relevant municipal departments are participated. The office is located in the Municipal SME Bureau to regularly hold a meeting to jointly study and solve the major issues of the development of the industrial cluster of SMEs. It is necessary to strengthen investigation and research, timely understand and grasp the development of the industrial cluster of SMEs, and coordinate and solve development problems. It is necessary to increase publicity and reports on the industrial cluster of small and medium -sized enterprises, summarize experiences, promote typical examples, and use points. The district and county governments and high -tech district management committees should strengthen their sense of responsibility, combine local reality, highlight advantages and characteristics, and adopt effective measures to promote the industrial cluster of small and medium -sized enterprises in a good and rapid development.

    (2) Increase financial and financial support. We will conscientiously implement the "Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Law", "Several Opinions of the State Council on Further Promoting the Development of SMEs" and "Regulations on the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises in Shandong Province". The use of supporting facilities, forming a joint force for the development of the industrial cluster of SMEs, and focusing on supporting service platforms and leading enterprises. All financial institutions must conscientiously implement the spirit of the People's Bank of China Jinan Branch "Financial Support Opinions on Promoting the Development of the Industrial Cluster of SMEs", accelerate financial products and service innovation, and increase financial support for the industrial cluster of SMEs. Do a good job of credit cultivation of small and medium -sized enterprises in industrial clusters, relying on the "Golden Seed Plan", exert its own advantages, continuously optimize the allocation of credit resources, and gradually establish a scientific and efficient corporate credit cultivation system. Further promote the construction of a financing guarantee system, and increase support for guarantee companies. Encourage support for the development of various forms of guarantee institutions such as wholly -owned, joint -stock systems, and member systems, and broaden financing channels for the development of the industrial cluster of small and medium -sized enterprises.

    (3) Strengthen the construction of industrial parks. Make full use of the existing resources of various industrial parks, integrate, optimize and improve, continuously improve investment intensity and land intensiveness, and promote industrial agglomeration and upgrade. Through enterprises with large consumption of resource consumption, heavy pollution, low added value, low technology content, and small development potential, change the traditional "Teng cage and bird" model, replace the idle land to the park, and realize the land resources Collective use. Continuously strengthen the infrastructure construction of the industrial park, clarify the functional positioning and industrial facilities of the industrial park, dominate the leading enterprises and core enterprises, focus on the reasonable layout of the industry and improve the industrial chain as the main line, implement the industrial chain investment promotion, attract funds multi -channel, form a multi -channel to form funds to form funds and form formed In the concentrated investment in the upstream and downstream of the production link, the concentrated investment of Cheng, films, and districts, cultivating and building a group of advanced industrial parks that are highly concentrated by large enterprises and large groups as the backbone and small and medium -sized enterprises.

    (4) Cultivate characteristic industrial towns. Implement the planning plan of characteristic industries, cultivate "one town, one product, one town multi -product", and improve the development quality, scientific and technological content, brand awareness, and industrial agglomeration ability of characteristic industries, and promote it to become bigger and stronger. Guide economic towns and characteristic industrial towns to strengthen infrastructure construction, improve the software and hard and hard environment and conditions, and improve attractiveness and agglomeration. Through the key guidance and support of economic strong towns and characteristic industrial towns, a number of economic towns and characteristic industrial towns with high industrial aggregation, outstanding industrial characteristics, high radiation driving effects, and strong economic strength.

    (5) Improve the level of collaboration. Actively guide small and medium -sized supporting enterprises to join the cluster industrial system, establish industrial division of industrial cooperation with leading enterprises, and form a reasonable industrial structure. At the same time, small and medium -sized enterprises are encouraged to make the supporting products in accordance with the requirements of specialized division of labor. Focusing on leading industries and leading enterprises, famous products and large projects, actively guide enterprises to carry out vertical professional division of labor in the upper and lower reaches of the product, extend the industrial chain, improve industrial concentration, promote production efficiency, and form a competitive advantage. Actively promote enterprises to carry out horizontal division of labor, drive a group of supporting projects, improve comprehensive supporting capabilities, and expand the space for cluster development.

    (6) Develop leading enterprises. Implement leading enterprises to guide small and medium -sized enterprises to gather development. Actively introduce and cultivate large enterprises and large groups with high correlation and strong driving nature, and give full play to the role of leading enterprises' radiation, demonstration, information diffusion and sales network. Guide various resources to gather to leading enterprises to improve core competitiveness. Encourage leading enterprises to adopt various methods to reorganize and transform their upstream and downstream supporting companies, use the leading effects of leading enterprises, and gradually derive or attract more related enterprises to gather. Support enterprises that meet the direction of industrial development and have relevant supporting conditions to extend the industrial chain.

    (7) Promote corporate technological innovation. Further establish the main position of corporate R

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