Shangqiu is the world's largest artificial diamond production area. What is the artificial diamond?

4 thoughts on “Shangqiu is the world's largest artificial diamond production area. What is the artificial diamond?”

  1. Shangqiu is the world's largest artificial diamond production area. Artificial diamonds are an artificially cultivated diamond. The main cultivation method is to put a small -particle diamond in a professional synthetic instrument. After a high temperature of 2300 ° C, small particles of diamonds will grow into a large diamond. Henan Shangqiu can cultivate 30 carats of artificial diamonds. It is difficult to distinguish between artificial diamonds from the naked eye and the difference between natural diamonds. The price is several times lower than the natural diamonds. The color is several times brilliant than natural diamonds. Artificial.
    The diamonds we bought in the mall, the natural diamonds with 30 points, can be sold for about tens of thousands of yuan, which also made many young people discouraged. Shangqiu in Henan, in order to solve the major problem of diamonds in the world, specially developed artificial diamonds to meet the demand in the market. Like the artificial diamond developed by Henan, the price of 1G is two or three hundred yuan, but it can achieve the same decoration effect as natural diamonds, and even a little bit brilliant than natural. When we buy diamonds on the market, try to buy in the mall as much as possible to ask whether this diamond is natural diamond or artificial diamond. Remember not to buy diamonds on illegal networks to avoid being cheated by others.
    The output of artificial diamonds is quite high, and it can also cultivate the types of different groups of people. Like the 30g of diamonds cultivated, after removing impurities and trimming by the artificial diamonds of professionals, they can get more than ten carats of finished products. You know that in the diamond industry, the finished products of more than 10 carats are already in the collection level. In fact, diamonds are not appreciated at all. There is no place for diamonds in China. Diamonds are just a wearing effect. The low price of artificial diamonds is also a good choice for young people.
    , then, in the ranks of precious metals, which one is recommended to buy?

  2. Artificial diamonds are multi -crystalline diamonds made of diamond crystals with a diameter of 10 to 30 nanometers. The cost is relatively low, and the value is only one -third of the price of natural diamonds.

  3. The main ingredient of diamonds is the silicon dioxide. Artificial diamonds are artificial silica, which may look more beautiful and the cost will be lower.

  4. It is some imitation diamonds. These are some low prices, which makes people feel that buying back and playing is okay.

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