This necklace that the mermaid wears, it's priceless!

This necklace that the mermaid wears, it's priceless! This is a precious necklace which is said to come from a beautiful lake. It not only has a practical function, but also shows the temperament and charm of the wearer.

1: Mermaid necklace

Beautiful mermaids always get everyone's attention, especially in school. She is not only smart and studious, but also kind-hearted and helpful. Recently, a mermaid wearing a necklace caught everyone's attention - the priceless necklace came from a person! What are Birth Month Flowers? The five-carat necklace is said to have been given to the mermaid as a gift by a woman named Muir, but the real owner is a girl named Herat. You can judge for yourself whether the story is true or not. All in all, it's an interesting rumor, but if you want to know more about the necklace, wait for the experts.

2: Great value!

This is a necklace with a mermaid on it. The price of the necklace has reached millions of dollars. The chain is said to be made of a magical undersea crystal. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also makes light and sound underwater. Hence the name "Mermaid Eyes". In addition, the necklace has other functions. It can help the wearer maintain a better state of beauty and increase memory.

This necklace that the mermaid wears, it's priceless! This is a unique diamond necklace that not only has a pearly sheen and weight, but is also very feminine.

1: The necklace worn by the mermaid

This necklace that the mermaid wears, it's priceless! This necklace is a work of art. It is made of pearls, precious stones and gold. There is a diamond on the necklace, which contains many beautiful designs and words. It's a very precious gift, and it feels very gorgeous. Mermaid wearing this necklace, not only to make her look more attractive, but also to enhance the wearer's temperament and charm. The necklace also has a gold bow that can be tied around the neck as an ornament. The whole necklace is full of elegant atmosphere, it is attractive at first sight. Mermaid wearing this necklace, looks more charming and lovely, but also rich sense of wealth. So if you want to give her a special birthday present, then get her a necklace like this!

2: Priceless!

The mermaid wore this necklace, how valuable! It is a delicate and gorgeous bracelet. It is said that it was a gift from a beautiful woman to her beloved man, who was so moved that he decided to give it to a friend. The necklace was encrusted with a beautiful gem, shining in the sun, like a wave of water among them. What is even more amazing is that it is encrusted with a glittering and translucent jade ring. The jade ring is believed to have been worn by the fabulously handsome man. It is said that the treasure should belong to an immortal or a god; Others think it may have fallen from the sky as a piece of the finest jade. Either way, this treasure is definitely worthy of attention and appreciation.

Whether you like this necklace or not, it is a luxury item worth collecting. If you want to give yourself or your friends a necklace, be sure to keep an eye out for this style in the jewelry store.

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