wedding jewelry wholesale dropahip Does the Panda Memorial Coin have a collection value?

wedding jewelry wholesale dropahip Does the Panda Memorial Coin have a collection value?

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    [Extended information]
    The frontal pattern of this set of precious metal commemorative coins is the Temple of Prayer for the Temple of Temple of Heaven in Beijing, and published the name of the country and the year; "Anniversary logo" elements, and publishing faces, weight and color.
    The 30th anniversary of the panda of the top ten series of gold and silver coins in our country contains three gold coins and two silver coins, both of which belong to the statutory currency series issued by the central bank, with monetary value and collection value.
    The people's Bank of China will be issued 12 sets of panda gold and silver commemorative coins from October 30, 2017, including 6 panda -made gold and silver commemorative coins (issued on October 30, 2017), and Panda refined gold and silver commemorative coins (issued on December 8, 2017) are all legal currencies of the People's Republic of China.
    The 30th anniversary of Panda Gold and silver commemorative coins continued to adopt a panda with a stamped panda as the theme in terms of the theme of the pattern. At the same time, it interspersed the traditional Chinese culture and perfectly combined the two in a small commemorative coin. Many renminbi collectibles have seen the precipitation of the accumulation of panda commemorative coins. Its superb craftsmanship and cultural heritage make the panda commemorative coin strange in the history of gold and silver coins.
    On the picture of 1 ounce of commemorative coins, between the green bamboo, a pair of panda mother and child are playing in peace. Baby Panda's expression was very cute. She was rolling naughty, while the panda mother looked at her child steadily, with peace of mind and loving. The mother and son were leisurely immersed in a peaceful atmosphere, and the warm affection floated between the bamboo forests. The pattern of 1/10 ounces of gold coins also portray the panda describing the wonderfulness, retaining the cuteness of the panda itself, and also added some artistic elements on the basis of the real body of the giant panda. "Xing" and "God". The image of this gold coin to the giant panda is both optional. Compared with other commemorative coins, the currency pays more attention to showing the characteristics of the panda. The carving technology is more detailed and the craftsmanship is more detailed. It can be seen that it is not only realistic, but also freehand meaning. The virtuality and truth, the character of the panda is more unique and more vivid, and gives the panda more spirituality and thoughts, making people feel like a lively panda is in front of you through commemorative coins.

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