georgia jewelry wholesale manufacturing The password of the virtual machine when accessing the host?

georgia jewelry wholesale manufacturing

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  1. copper jewelry supplies wholesale Copy the following text to the file with the extension (access to the machine without verification) .reg files. There is also a batch of files.

    "= dword: 00000000
    ; the above two lines in the system are: local security strategy-security options-account: local account with blank password
    ; only allow the console to log in. The default value of the system is: enabled.
    ; Commentary: Many people's accounts do not add password. In this way, when other computers in the local area network access the machine, an error prompt will pop up:
    ; Login failure: user account restrictions ... This is caused by a security strategy of the XP system to prevent others from taking advantage of your password
    ; enter your computer. If you don't think it doesn't matter, you don't have to do these restrictions, then set it to: Disable.

    "hrzr_ehapcy" , F0, FB, E5,52,64,95, C6,01
    "hrzr_ehapcy:" P: JVAQBJFFLFGRZ32SVERJNY.Pcy ", JVAQBJF firewall" = hex: 0c, 00,00,0800,800,00,00,00 , 00, F0, FB, E5, 52,64,95, C6,01

    "445: TCP" = "445: TCP: TCP: : Enabled:@xpsp2res.dll, -22005 "
    " 137: udp "=" 137: udp :: enabled:@xpsp2res.dll, -22001 "
    " 138: udp "=" 138:: 138:: 138:: 138:: 138: 138: Udp :: enabled:@xpsp2res.dll, -22002 "
    " 139: tcp "=" 139: tcp :: enabled:@xpsp2res.dll, -22004 "
    "Epoch" = dword: 000001ed

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEM ControlPrintProviders]

    "445: tcp" = "445: tcp :: enabled:@xpsp2res.dll, -22005"
    "137: udp" = "137: udp :: enabled:@xpsp2res.dll, -22001"
    "138: udp" = "138: udp :: enabled:@xpsp2res.dll, -22002"
    "139: tcp" = "139: tcp :: enabled:@xpsp2res.dll, -22004"

    "epoch" = dword: 000001ed
    ; the above values ​​correspond to the position in the system: control panel-firewall-exception-file and printer sharing. System default: No choice.
    ; Commentary: All strategies are set, and the LAN is still unable to access it. It is prompting: You do not have the permission to use network resources, find
    ; no network path! Hehe, it's really fiery! In fact, XP also has a level, that is, the firewall, which must pass the
    ; the permission of the firewall must be allowed.

    "= dword: 00000001
    ; Local strategy-security options,
    ; Internet access: sharing and security mode of local accounts: only guests-local users, let's verify. At this time, the local area network
    ; when other machine access the machine, the dialog box will not pop up, you can enter directly. In areas such as family networks that are completely trusted,
    ; this method is recommended.

    ; Thank you for your use.

    This following is the file of batch processing. It is named for access to the machine without verification. @ Echo. Description
    @ echo ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------rn@ ECHO 本批处理执行后,将作以下一些设置:rn @ Echo 1. Anonymous enumeration allowed SAM accounts and shared (the original system allows, this system is set to be disabled).
    @ echo 2. If the account account is empty, it allows other machines to access the machine.
    @ echo 3, Windows Firewall: Allow files and printers to share.
    @ echo 4. Sharing method: Local user authentication.
    @ echo 5, guest account: enable.
    @ echo.
    @ echo adopts this sharing method. Other machine access does not need to lose the user name and password. For example, family
    @ echo LAN, each other can trust each other, please use this method.
    @ echo.
    @ echo no matter which kind of sharing method is used, sharing is only convenient for internal use, on the occasion of using routers,
    @ echo outer network cannot access your machine, no need Worried that you will be invaded if you are shared. You just remember that when the single machine dial
    @ echo online, just do not open the sharing.
    @ echo ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------rnPAUSErnregedit /s 开通局域网共享(访问本机无需验证即可进入).reg
    net user guest /active: yes
    @ echo.
    @ echo ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------
    @ echo The operation is complete.
    @ echo Note: This machine will not take effect after restarting.
    @ echo.
    @ echo hard disk's default sharing of each partition has not been opened. If you need to open it,
    @ echo, please go to this directory to find the registry file, double -click to import.
    @ echo ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------rn@ ECHO.rn@ ECHO 疑难问题补充:rn@ ECHO 如果以前的The sharing method was shared the folder when "local users verify their own identity",
    @ echo is now changed to the Binbin identity verification before accessing the folder. n@ echo has no permission to use network resources. The solution is to cancel the folder original sharing attribute, and then
    @ echo shared the secondary sharing.
    @ echo ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------rnPAUSErnrn;《GhostXP_SP2电脑公司特别版》作者编。

  2. sterling silver hoop jewelry wholesale thailand 1. First enable the GUEST guest account, set the shared folder
    . The control panel → management tools → local security strategy → local strategy → user rights assignment, "access from the Internet" add the Guest account, and " Refuse the GUEST account from visiting this computer "from the Internet;
    3. My computer → tool → folder options → View → remove the hook before" using simple file sharing (recommendation) ";
    four four , Control Panel → Management Tools → Local Security Strategy → Local Strategy → Security options, set the "online visits: sharing and security mode of local accounts" to "only guest-local users' identity verification" The item settings can remove the dialog box required to enter the password when the access is removed. It can also be set as "classic-local users verify with their own identity");
    . Click "My Computer" → "Properties" → "Computer Name", does the name of your LAN working group appear in the tab, such as "Work". Then click the "Network ID" button to start the "Internet identification wizard": click "Next", select "This machine is part of the commercial network, use it to connect to other work computers"; click "Next" Select "the company uses the network without domain"; click the "Next" button, and then enter the working group of your local area network, such as "Work", click the "Next" button again, and finally click the "Completed" button Complete the settings.
    6. Check whether the local connection is banned, right -click "Local Connection" → "Enable";
    . Close the network firewall; check whether the domain is enabled, whether the domain is added and check the domain settings;
    8. Check whether the server service is closed;
    . Check whether the local connection IP, subnet mask, gateway and DNS settings are error;
    , "local connection" → attribute → attribute → attribute → attribute → Routine, check whether "Microsoft Network File and Printer Sharing", "Microsoft Network Client" and TCP/IP protocols are installed;

  3. ladies jewelry online wholesale If the virtual machine accesss the host account password, the account password of the host or you can open the host to give a Guest account for the virtual machine to access

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