4 thoughts on “How long can the funds on the stock market last?”

  1. The funds on the stock market will not last long, because they will leave when they are circle.
    we did a mathematical problem when we were young: one pool opened two faucets and one water, one to put water, and asked when to fill the water?
    I thought that this kind of thing would only do this kind of thing. It was completely wasting water. It was not until I knew the fund disk, so I knew that this kind of thing was real. Essence
    The operating of the fund disk is: At the beginning, add water to the inside. This is the early investment in the period to prevent the flowing funds from dried water at once. Stable and high returns, these people will add the water on their bodies to the faucet. At the beginning of the beginning, the investment and rewards are seen. The faucet enters the water while putting the water (the profit of retail products).
    With the continuous expansion of the fund disk, the addition of water is getting larger and larger, and more and more water is placed. Each of the water of 10 liters of water must be released by 2 liters. Expansion, one day, there are fewer and fewer people adding water, but more and more people who release water. Now add 100 liters of water a day, but you need to let go of 200 liters of water a day. (The profits of retail investors have to spend every day. The more retail investors, the greater the profit of the expenditure.)
    Nowadays, there is no one to add water, but it still has to be released 300 liters of water. The water in the water will be 300 liters. If the water drain is turned off, they will inevitably call the police back to the other water in the pool. At that time, their early investment funds will be drifted. After a long time, I have worked for others. What do I wait for?
    So the dealer packed all the water on the second day, and the retail investor found that the faucet did not release the water. When he saw the water, the water was gone, so he quickly called the police to catch people.
    The funds will inevitably make high profits. By pulling a lot of people to inject their principal into them to make up for the losses caused by high profits, the principal's injection speed cannot keep up with high profits. During the loss, if the dealer wants not to do it without work, his choice must be dried to run away. The more profitable the survival, the more profitable. After all, 10 people were given before, and now 100 people are given to 100 people. If there is no water, it will continue to mean chronic death.
    The retail investor wants the dealer's high interest, and what the dealer wants is the principal of the retail.

  2. It is still possible to persist for a long time. As long as the company's development is relatively stable, the capital chain should not be broken, and the capital disk can always exist.

  3. I think the capital disk can be persisted for another month, because such a capital disk is very serious, and the impact on the market is very great.

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