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  1. Compared with the fire velvet, computer housekeeper, and 360, computer housekeepers are better. Compared with functional, core tools, work efficiency, etc., computer housekeys have advantages. The relevant introductions are as follows:
    1. Computer housekeeper is more functional than fire velvet and 360:
    Computer housekeeper's cloud security testing center, with the world's largest malicious website database, can identify the security of the website, easy to relax, easy to relax Identify malicious websites such as counterfeit and fishing to effectively protect users' accounts and property security. Repair and deal with daily computer problems, the coverage of coverage is wide, quickly search, intelligent matching, and easily solve the computer problem step by step. The latest web version computer clinic has also been launched.
    2, the core tool of the computer housekeeper is more complete than the fire velvet and the 360:
    The computer housekeeper on the computer, users can query and open your newly built in the last 30 days, the local existing locally existing locally within 30 days. , Document under all disk roads downloaded by communication software. On the mobile phone, as long as the user is bound to the "recent document portable" applet, the recent document in the computer can be transmitted to the mobile phone WeChat mini program, which is convenient for users to view, share, and use documents anytime, anywhere.
    3, computer housekeeper's work efficiency is higher than fire velvet and 360:
    The filter users encountered various pop -ups and page advertisements encountered when browse the webpage to browse the webpage, keep the webpage refreshing and improve the speed of the Internet. User through selecting popular software, non -toxic, non -advertising, allows users to download and install with confidence.

    The expansion information:
    The user privilege introduction of computer housekeeper:
    1, personal center: Personal center of the computer steward divided into Web version and client version. Users can pass the homepage physical examination, log in to the computer Butler and other obtaining safety growth values, experience high -quality multiple online life while obtaining safety guarantees.
    2, level system: The safety expert level system is a comprehensive guarantee system launched by Tencent to ensure that users can safely enjoy online life and enhance the awareness of the national network security.
    In the completion of the various security tasks in the safety level system to continuously improve the safety of the safety expert. Each upgrade can get a different value of security gold coins. The higher the level, the more security gold coins. The higher the higher.
    3, security gold coins: Security gold coins are virtual currency obtained by using computer housekeepers to complete the security tasks. Using "security gold coins" can be exchanged for massive privileges such as a large amount of game gift packages and shopping coupons, and at the same time, it can also draw exciting privileges such as completely free goods.
    The method of obtaining security gold coins: Through completion of security tasks (using the steward function), actively complete the safety task daily, and the more privileges that can be converted to get the gold coins are richer.

  2. The fire will be better.

    This is the main local anti -virus, 360 mainly cloud anti -virus.
    The advantages of fire velvet:
    This can still precisely kill virus.
    The advertising interception ability is very strong.
    Woned software. Such as XX software housekeeper, XX browser and so on.
    This disadvantages:
    1. Factors are relatively small.
    360 advantages:
    The document decryption function, but his WannaCry document recovery tool is not easy to use. And the decryption function sometimes writes "decryption success", but it cannot be opened, and the basic judgment is false decryption.
    360 Disadvantages:
    The advertisement. There are advertisements for booting.
    This with more software. After the installation, the Guardian was brought to the XX software housekeeper (and Jinshan Poison, 2345, etc.). I installed a browser without paying attention.
    "quick search" will appear in the search bar.

    It, I think the Windows firewall is enough (please ignore below Windows 10).

    This anti -virus software is also good, such as small red umbrellas. But for free, the fire is good. Go according to what you like.

  3. Tencent Computer Manager is a free security software launched by Tencent. It has Yunchang Killing Trojan, system acceleration, vulnerability repair, real -time protection, network speed protection, computer clinics, health assisters, desktop compilation, document protection, permissions radar and other functions.
    The young and dynamic brand impression in users. After the launch of the 13th version, in the minds of the user, the computer housekeeper harvested a quiet and unscrupulous impression label. Topics to create a pure, lightweight, and fast computer use environment for users. The overall interactive framework has made a new combing and optimization, which is carried out around the three dimensions of sustainability, efficiency improvement, and universality.
    . permissions radar: 7 software permissions such as permissions radar gathered pop -up window interception, boot self -opening interception, pushing binding interception, etc. users can choose to stop or allow a certain permissions; To generate a log, as long as you look at it, you know what the software does on the computer.
    Falcon panorama defense: With strong security protection capabilities, you can intercept the virus without upgrading. Whether it is a ransomware or a mining Trojan, you have nowhere to hide in the computer housekeeper.
    is worth mentioning that there is a small but intimate feature in the 13 version of the computer steward -Penguin Guardian.
    The function of Penguin Guardian is specifically designed for parents with children. Opening this function can filter out the bad information on the webpage, guide and help parents to counsel their children to access the Internet correctly and healthy. Parents do not have to worry about their children in use. The influence of pornography and violence during the computer, giving children a pure and healthy Internet environment.

  4. It seems to know the anti -virus software.
    The fierce velvet is Rising. 360 predecessor is a small red umbrella (the benefits of the little red umbrella are strong anti -virus ability. Generally, 360 cannot be scanned, and it can be found out if you use the small red umbrella, but sometimes it will be reported. When the virus is cleared, but this is very small. 360 is mainly used by everyone. In fact, the virus that is generally slightly stronger, 360 cannot kill.) Now 360 and Xiaohong Umbrella are cooperative relationships. Red umbrella's anti -virus engine. Essence Essence
    So the technology plus data virus library ten years ago (the virus library was added after the user was poisoned, and someone was improved. So what kind of can be increased by the virus library) Enterprise version, or Kaspersky, professional killing soft, no advertising, focusing on technology and guarantee user information. Free, there are gains and losses.
    If free theory, Windows10's default anti -virus is stronger than any domestic family. Web link AV-TEST announced the best antivirus software, Windows Defender can resist most attacks

  5. The choice of antivirus software, first depending on the personal treatment of this matter, is willing to pay. If it is certain to basically exclude domestic anti -virus, if it is no, then look down, there will be more 360, fire, Tencent, Baidu, Jinshan ... … But the anti -virus effect is not dare to compliment. In addition, the fatal thing is that this type of anti -virus software has a serious occupation of computer system resources. Personal observation of 360, fire velvet, and less system resources are relatively less than other. In practice, Kingsoft Poison Batto is too excessive. After installation, you ca n’t uninstall it, just stick to your system like psoriasis ... The attitude of domestic anti -virus individuals is not done well. Think of buying and buying (buying a virus characteristic database, people have not given the core feature, so with the banner of cooperating with foreign manufacturers, there is no anti -virus effect, hanging sheep head to sell dog meat), or it may be that money is developed and developed technology. The personnel did not drill in ... all kinds of might reveal "sadness". The free result is to make you in disguise, advertising, information will be wayward, forced you to accept. There is a saying that "the most expensive in the world is free!"
    So, from your situation, if you can accept various forced advertising and information, 360 is the same as other housekeepers, But note that only one anti -virus software is installed, otherwise your computer will drag you as a "bicycle" even if it is a "airplane".

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