What are the conditions for getting commercial acceptance bills

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  1. The steps and required information of the enterprise applying for a commercial acceptance bill to the bank: (1) the legal person certificate, the organization code certificate of the institution, the original loan card (2). Endorsement, continuous, complete and unprepared commercial acceptance bills (3). Original real and legal commodity or labor transaction contract signed by both parties to the transaction

  2. 商业承兑汇票不需要通过银行这个中介,交易双方自行决定协商抵押物品等方面,在某些特殊的场合下,商业承兑汇票较之银行更加便利,而且,银行承兑汇票虽然有银行作保证,但是这It is not easy to get, banks need to verify the situation and credibility of the merchant

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