Use someone else's ID number game to uninstall that game after registering the game?

2 thoughts on “Use someone else's ID number game to uninstall that game after registering the game?”

  1. It is usually okay, don't worry.
    The online game, the English name is online game, also known as "online game", referred to as "online games". Refers to the use of the Internet as the transmission medium, the game operator server and user computer as the processing terminal, and the game client software as the information interactive window aims to achieve entertainment, leisure, communication, and obtaining virtual achievements. People online game.
    On the evening of December 5, 2016, the Ministry of Culture issued the "Notice on Regulating the Regulatory Online Game Operation and Strengthening Supervision Work", which clearly stipulated that online games virtual currency and virtual props cannot be exchanged for legal currencies. On the evening of August 30, 2018, the eight departments and other departments of the Ministry of Education and the issuance of the "Implementation Plan for Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Children and Adolescent I amopathy" were notified to control the total amount of online games.

    The difference between online games and single -machine games, which means that players must play multiplayer games through the Internet. Generally, multiple players use computer networks to operate character characters and scenes in accordance with certain rules in a virtual environment to achieve entertainment and interactive gaming products.
    . The single -machine game mode is mostly human -machine battle. Because it cannot connect to the Internet and the interaction between players and players is much worse, they can play limited multiplayer battle through the connection of the LAN.
    The birth mission of online games: "Improving the quality of human life in the world through online games in Internet services."
    The birth of online games makes human life richer, thereby promoting the progress of global human society. And enrich the spiritual world and material world of human beings, make the quality of human life higher, and make human life happier.

  2. It is usually okay. Don't worry about
    Now many games are real -name, but there is no need to cancel it without playing, just uninstall it directly.
    In after all, even if someone else uses your ID to play games, it will have no impact on you personally. I don't know what legal liabilities are violated.

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