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  1. Mayan numerals are the twenty -made counting system used by Mayan civilization. Mayan numerals are used by Mayan, one horizontal, and showing numbers with a shellfish symbol representing zero.
    Mya number consists of a combination of 3 symbols: 0 (shell -shaped symbols), one (point), and five (horizontal line). For example, 19 Writing 3 plus 4 points on the horizontal line.

  2. The earliest known work found in Mayan's manuscripts can be traced back to about 250 BC in the Mayan manuscript, but this manuscript is considered to have been developed earlier. The Maya people are famous for their advanced culture, including many pictographs.
    Mya pitch text is engraved on the stone or bone, and it will even be painted on a pottery or written on the book. The two themes of its text are astronomy and religious views.
    This here is the main abbreviation used by the Mayan civilization to express words and thoughts.

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