How much does it cost to develop a mall applet with distribution function?

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  1. 1. What is the distribution mall applet
    The user (consumer) to open the appliance to apply to become a distributor, and then recommend the applet to other people to shop. After others successfully buy, the distributor can get commission rewards. Using this function, merchants can form a huge sales group, relying on fan reputation, and higher transaction rates.
    2, what is secondary/third -level distribution
    M common distribution mode is second or third -level distribution, and it is also recommended for the secondary distribution mode. So what is a secondary distribution?
    a-> B-> C-> D-> E. Among them, after
    C shopping, A and B can get rewards
    e shopping, C and D can also get rewards also get rewards roster after nef and d can also get rewards r. R n

    3, how should the distribution mall applet make? How much is the cost?
    If custom development methods, the cost is tens of thousands, the development is consuming, it is not suitable for most businesses.
    The method of science popularization of a high -quality price -performance distribution mall applet here is generally around 2000, which is the way to make a small programmaking tool. Try to find refined marketing functions. Pages can be free to decorate platforms, such as praise. Just register a production account, decorate the page like a block to quickly make the distribution mall applet

  2. The first is to depend on whether you need customization or template. Generally, the cost of small programs will be more expensive, about 10,000. If you only need a template, it will be cheap.
    It is to look at the functions required by the mini program you are doing. This is determined according to your needs. Different needs require different functions to support it. Different functions will consume different human and material resources. Wait, so the cost will be different.
    The last one is to look at your city. The cost of making different cities is different. There are several factors to determine it. For example, different regions are different, and the consumption level will also affect. And the salary of different urban company employees will also be different, all of which are indirect factors affecting the cost of mini -program.
    Anyway, in the Mini Program Mall, this type of mall type types of WeChat mini -programs does not account for a few. Many merchants have made such WeChat applets, so that their markets can be wider and wider, and they can be wider and wider, and they can be wider and wider, and they can be wider and wider, and they can be wider and wider, and they can be wider and wider. The simple promotion method of WeChat Mini Program is also one of the reasons for its popularity.

  3. This needs to look at your needs, such as template development or custom development. If it is template development, the price is basically about 1000-10000. If it is customized, it is basically at 10000 , but this price is not fixed. Because what kind of features you need, how many pages do you need, how many pages you need.

  4. The applets on the market are roughly divided into two types: template and customization.

    Templates: Naturally, the price is cheap and thousands of pieces. However, it is a bit limited in function. In addition, it is necessary to consider the problem of environmental deployment and source code;

    customization: high development costs, tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands are possible. But the function is fully in line with corporate needs, and can be optimized at any time.

    The customer can choose the appropriate applet in conjunction with their own conditions.

  5. Distribution is a relatively hot online marketing method in the past two years. It is common to be a secondary distribution model. The use of sharing or bonuses to make the distributor gain profits, so as to drive more consumers to join in and realize the fission dissemination of merchant applets And order transformation profit. So, how much does it cost to make a small program with distribution function? Let's take a look with Xiaomu.

    First of all, we need to clarify business needs and models, but we need to have distribution functions, or do we specialize in distribution applets? If you just want to use distribution as a necessary marketing function, you only need to choose a template applet with distribution or add distribution function when customization. If you want to make a professional distribution mall applet, you should measure the development plan according to the actual needs. Let's talk about the production price of distribution applets according to the development of small programs.

    ) Template applets

    The development technology of applets is quite mature, and template applets are no longer synonymous with simple functions. Service providers with technical strength can provide small program template sets such as distribution and multi -store systems, which are the simplest way to achieve distribution functions. So how to choose a template applet? Based on our business needs, the function details are listed. Generally, the template applets with distribution functions are priced in thousands of. You can choose the appropriate template package according to the messenger. The development cycle of template applets is short, and the development and maintenance of the function are responsible for the platform side. Merchants only need to do daily business work, which is more cost -effective for small and medium -sized businesses.

    ) Customized development

    Customized development has no restrictions in the distribution system and function, which can achieve practical needs to the greatest extent. We must first clarify the operating model, business model, etc., and then connect with the service provider for development needs, and the service provider will develop and deliver to provide independent source code. Since 0, there are more manpower and material resources invested throughout the process. Depending on the difficulty of development, the development price is generally ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The development time is at least a few months, so it is recommended to choose a service provider with strength and provide stable after -sales service to facilitate better communication and avoiding project risks. It can also ensure the stability of the background and the optimization and iteration of products.

    The above is the introduction of the development price of distribution applets. The distribution function brings more possibilities for external promotion, but it is simple and efficient to operate. During the distribution process, the popularity of merchants has a very good publicity effect.

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