How much does it cost to develop a WeChat mini -program distribution system

5 thoughts on “How much does it cost to develop a WeChat mini -program distribution system”

  1. Now the function of the distribution mini program we do is already perfect. It is enough for most businesses. Unless the function you require is very special, it is recommended to customize it. It is recommended that you use developed procedures directly. Thousands can be done. If you need to customize, start at more than 10,000.
    The following is the function of our existing distribution applets. If you compare:
    1. Level 3 distribution
    2. Team dividend
    3. R n5. Slid
    6. Bargard
    7. Coupon
    8. Cracky red envelope

  2. This is based on specific functions. At present, there are many distribution systems on the market, and the prices are not uniform. You can consult, and the price will be more expensive if you develop it yourself. However, with its own copyright, only the right to use after buying the county sold on the market only has the right to use and has no copyright.

  3. Many companies now seem to have a WeChat distribution system. This system is still good, because it can be synchronized with WeChat, PC, APP, and Web -end data. The distribution commission can be promoted for sales. It is still good. In terms of price, I think it should be different according to different functional versions. Wan Chuangbao is free.

  4. The development price of distribution mini -programs needs to be determined according to your needs, such as what functions, the number of pages, template development or custom development, and so on.

    So you can list detailed requirements so that I can help you calculate a general price or make it directly.

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