What is the five kings of nickel coins in the Republic of China?

What is the five kings of nickel coins in the Republic of China?

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  1. Nickel coins were not short -term at the time, so they were not produced and issued on a large scale. The mints only produced a small amount. The decoration of various denomination coins in the same year became a "Chinese coin set of the year". (6 yuan for foreign exchange coupons), very precious, called the "five heavenly kings" of the coin.
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    1. In the circulation of Sun statue nickel coins, there is a certain collection difficulty due to the scarcity of the world. Due to the high price of nickel coins in the Republic of China, it has become a imitation object that fakes are rushing, causing a lot of counterfeit currency in the market. It is worth mentioning that in the market, nickel coins have fake coins, and nickel coins with "Ping", "Jin" and "Gui" also have fakes. Friends, mostly, should be accepted by "eye -catching", and should be used as a lesson, causing attention. It is also necessary to emphasize that the test coin is used as an unparalleled currency. It is very rare due to the existence of the world. Generally, it will only appear at the coin auction, mostly spread.
    2. Nickel coins are known as the originator of Nickel coins in China. The rare treasures and nickel coins are Birmingham. During the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty, in order to save the dying Qing Dynasty, Prince Gong Yi? Li Hongzhang, Zhili Governor Li Hongzhang, Beiyang Minister, Governor of Hunan Liangjiang Zeng Guofan, Zhang Zhidong and others launched the famous "Westernization Movement" in modern Chinese history. While establishing the military industry, they also put forward the idea of ​​reforming the silver system of the Qing Dynasty. This idea was appreciated by Emperor Guangxu, but he was in trouble because he asked foreign powers for silver dollars. Under his acquiescence, Li Hongzhang not only planned to formulate a currency reform plan, but also went overseas to inspect, and commissioned the famous Birmingham mint to cast several nickel coins models for the Qing government.
    3. In November 1935, the Kuomintang government announced the implementation of a legal monetary policy to prohibit silver dollars from circulating in the market. Subsequently, 21 kinds of nickel coins that can be circulated in the market were issued; in fact, as early as 1935, the father of the Republic of China entrusted 11 nickel coins each of the Philadelphia Mint in the United States Philadelphia Mint and sent them to the people. Government sample. During the period of the National Government, most of the mints had exchanged with the United States, such as the construction of the central mint and the management after construction, which were benefited from the United States. The "Chuanyang" mold has always been provided by the Philadelphia Mint. The plant also tried nickel coins in 2004, and was tried by Shanghai Central Mint since 2005.

  2. The five heavenly kings of Niche coins from the Republic of China are:
    ① The "A" version of the "A" in the 25th year of the Republic of China [伍 分];
    ② 27 years of the Republic of China [Wu Division]; r n ④ 31 years of the Republic of China [Very];
    ⑤ 32 years of the Republic of China [semi -circular]

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