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  1. ★★ Novice BT question answer ★★

    1) (BT) What is?

    bt is a P2P shared software similar to eDonkey (not "pervert"), full name Call "", the full name of Chinese: "Bit flow"

    2) What can I do with BT?

    The latest movies, games, anime, as long as you think of it , BT can provide you,

    and the speed is also BT, far exceeding your imagination, and you no longer have to worry about the download speed of only a few K.

    3) Where can I download this software?

    Click to download the official client software of bit torrent

    BT sharing journey !!

    4) The client has been installed, how to download it with BT?

    In some sites that provide Torrent files to download, click Torrent files can start downloading.

    5) Torrent files can provide downloads of those type files?

    The everything can be shared.

    6) What kind of file download is the fastest?

    the hottest, the coolest things to download and the faster, the principle of BT is: the more people download, the more speed, the more Quick, completely different from any similar software in the past. It should be noted that your download speed depends on your upload speed. If your upload speed is not fast, the download speed is slow, do not find me.

    7) What is the working principle of the bit torrent?

    bt to divide a file into the z part on the uploader side, and the A on the server downloads the nn part randomly. , To download the first M part randomly in the server, so that the BT of A will go to the computer to take the M that has been downloaded on the computer, and the BT of B will go to the computer to get A’s computer to get A’s computer to get A’s computer according to the situation. The downloaded n has been downloaded, so that the load of the server side not only reduces the load of the server, but also accelerates the download speed of the user (A B), the efficiency is also improved, and it also reduces the restrictions between regions. For example, it may be a few K to download the server to download, but it will be much faster if you go to the computer of A and B. Therefore, the more people you use, the more people downloaded, the faster you will, and the superiority of BT is here. Moreover, while you download, you are uploading (someone else takes some part of the file from your computer), so you are also contributing to enjoying the downloads provided by others.

    8) What kind of connection type can use BT?

    No matter what connection type, BT can be used. Users of the internal network can also be used. However, it should be reminded that the download speed depends on the upload speed of the local computer.

    9) Why does some file download speeds slower than other files?

    If there are not many people downloading, of course, the download speed cannot be fast, then you can use the promotional means Let more people download so that your speed is faster. Another reason is that your download speed depends on the speed of downloading with you. If they are not fast, you can't get up.

    10) Why is the download speed of BT unstable?

    This depends on many factors, such as changes in the number of downloads, decreased SEED, your network speed and so on.

    11) How can I speed up the download speed?

    upgrade your network, for example, installing the fiber network, huh, and let more people download at the same time you want Files, optimizing your system, and downloading popular stuff can speed up your speed.

    12) Why did the files be very large when you first downloaded it?

    . Before the download starts, it will become the same size as the original file and touch the same file. Storage data, BT will download the corresponding part of the file to fill in this file. When all are filled, the BT download is completed.

    13) How to open the file of the suffix .bin.cue?

    In the virtual discs, click to download Alcohol

    14) Where is the official website?

    http: //. ORG // Index

    15) Do you have to download the official version of the client?

    No, you can use any BT download software.

    16) Will I leak my privacy?

    is impossible. The official version of the client will not leak any information about your personal information. Maybe you want to ask me why this confidence, calmly think, BT as a software with an open source code, anyone can see the code. If there is this, if there is this, if there is this, if there is this, there is this. The malicious code has been discovered for a long time. The unofficial version of the client cannot guarantee its safety. Please use it as appropriate.

    17) Some personal information will be shared?

    tracker server and people who download the same file with you will know your IP, but this is not a problem, you are in the case, you are in While browsing the web, the website server also knows your IP at the same time. Unless you share illegal stuff, there is no security problem at all.

    18) Who made these TORRENTS files?

    It some friends who love BT.

    19) Click the download connection of the Torrent file, but BT does not start downloading automatically, what should I do?

    Click "Open" so that BT will automatically start downloading. If you download the torrent file to the hard disk and find the Torrent file. Double -click, choose to store the location, you can start downloading.

    20) How to open a downloaded file?

    The same as you usually do --- double-click execution. If the file cannot be opened, check whether the necessary software is installed.

    21) Can I preview the unfinished files?

    is not possible in most cases. Most preview software can only preview the beginning of files, and BT downloads the starting part randomly.

    22) Can you prevent others from downloading from your computer?

    The official version of the BT cannot be done. From the principle of BT, the download speed is related to upload speed, so it is not recommended to do this.

    23) Can BT be confused?

    of course. Just start downloading again. BT will automatically search for the downloaded parts, but remember the place where the file is downloaded before.

    24) Download it at XX%?

    This is mostly because of the seeds of the seeds (for example: a file is divided into 10 parts, a file is divided into 10 parts, a file is divided into 10 parts, But there is only one person in the eighth part. If this person is broken, then other downloaders can only complete 90%). At this time Guiqiu waited for the words, which makes people disgust.

    25) The files that are downloaded cannot be opened?

    First of all: The best test method is to run your client software again Whether you download it),

    : If the file is complete, please make sure the correct decoder and the software that is necessary to open this file is installed.

    Third: If you are sure that there are indeed no problems in the two steps, you can go to the website of the Torrent file to rescue it to see if other people downloaded this file have this problem

    Fourth: If everyone else is opened normally, congratulations, reinstall the system!

    : Or do you not want to reinstall it, then please ask the computer master around you to see if they are There are solutions, asking others to ask others, and their own knowledge can also grow.

  2. BT download
    BT is an emerging P2P transmission protocol on the Internet. The full name is "". Open transmission protocol for group groups.

    bt has been used by many individuals and enterprises to publish various resources on the Internet. The advantage is that no resource publishers can quickly and effectively pass the published resources to other BTs. Customer software users, and most BT software is free.

    The entire BT release system includes Torrent files that publish resource information. The Tracker server as a BT customer software intermediary, BT software users (usually called PEER) in various places. Publishers only need to use BT software to make Torrent files for their publishing resources, provide Torrent to people to download, and ensure that their BT software work normally, and they can easily complete the release. As long as the downloader uses BT software to open the TORRENT file, the software will contact other computers running BT software based on the data block and verification information provided in the Torrent file and the Tracker server address and complete the transmission.

    It because the number transmission between BT software is two -way, this effectively reduces the dependence on the pursuit of the publisher. Unlike another common P2P software eDonkey, the BT protocol does not use the upload download ratio and login sequence of the user to comprehensively sort to upload it. BT software will continuously compare the speed of transmitting data to its own side by most of the BT clients, and preferentially upload it to the client (publisher and download completion (usually called seed or seeds) to transmit data from their own There will be different, because they do not download the data, and sort at the other party's download speed).

    . Although the Bram Cohen calls the BT agreement, it is effective to use the Internet bandwidth. Many telecommunications service providers complain that BT transmission occupies too much bandwidth, which has greatly affected other applications on the Internet ( For example, online voice requirements for network performance are high, online on -demand), statistics from major telecommunications service providers around the world show that BT transmission has accounted for more than 70 % of all online data transmission. In terms of action to restrict BT transmission, from the gentle data transmission priority to the priority of data transmission to the detection of BT transmission directly to block. Telecom service providers said that this is to protect the rights and interests of other users. This approach of business violated the service agreement signed with the service provider, and believed that since the bandwidth is not enough, telecommunications service providers have the obligation to improve the equipment.

    In order to cope with the restrictions on BT transmission of telecommunications service providers, the mainstream BT software has made a lot of improvements to bypass the restrictions of telecommunications service providers. The basic client identity authentication and the Diffie-Hellman key encryption of the data to prevent detection by telecommunications service providers. Use DHT distributed networks as a supplement to the Tracker server, and randomly select the transmission port.

    Due to the advantages of BT's release and dissemination, many infringements are also released through BT. The defendant is suspected of encouraging the release and download of the infringement content. Close, copyright protection groups, including MPAA and RIAA, are taking action against more BT sites. Most BT users and developers believe that it is not wise to sue the BT site. It is like a kitchen knife. The behavior of the kitchen knife is the same as that, the BT site itself should not be responsible for infringement.

    bt use prompts

    The recommended BT software to use is UTORRENT, BitComet, Azureus. These softwares are often updated to provide better BT protocol support and expansion functions.

    The more commonly used BT resource search site is
    . Try not to limit the upload speed of BT software, which will affect your download.

    This to avoid using BT's default monitoring port, these ports may have been blocked by the service provider.

    The user who uses the firewall may need to open the BT monitor port on the firewall

    The users who use routers generally need to mappore through port, or DMZ function, or UPNP function to make The entry request can reach the computer using BT software.

    In the completion of the download, please do not turn off the BT software immediately or let the BT software stop uploading. Your upload is an important contribution to the entire BT network. In order to make BT healthy operation

    Is even if you do n’t see the publisher and the downloader, please wait patiently. The reason may be that the number of connectors you are allocated does not include the publisher. With the downloader of the download, the other party uses the Super-SEED mode to hide himself, and the publisher and the downloader may temporarily go offline.

    bitComet settings

    bitComet settings: (without explaining parameters, please keep the original setting value unchanged)
    1. Run BitComet 0.59 (click Download the latest version), open the "Options" column of your own Bitcomet, click the first column "Network Connection"

    The global maximum download speed without limit adjustment to 1000 (1000 below 2m below 1000 is an indispensable that cannot be achieved Numbers, so feasible).

    This maximum upload speed unlimited adjustment to 40 (reasonable selection according to personal conditions, this is my proposal).

    The monitoring port is recommended not to repeat with 6881-6889 16881-16889. Personally feel that it is better between 19770-22000.

    (Of course you mapped the port, then the monitoring port you mapped is prevailing, without changes), users who install the firewall open your monitor port in your firewall.

    2. Click the task settings. At present, the parameters in this item are temporarily unchanged. In the later adjustment, the "maximum upload speed of each task"

    3. Click the appearance of the interface

    . The maximum number of peers is changed to 1000

    4. 30 30 to 0

    The list of backup Tracker


    The number of connections for each task: Change to 50.

    The number of upload connections: change to 10.

    The connection interval: change to 150 or 100.

    The number of TCP connections that are attempt at the same time: change to 1000.

    Whether it is allowed to implement internal network interconnection through UDP: The inner network setting "allows" public network settings to set "prohibition".

    6. Click the IP rules to download the maximum allowable connection per IP: change to 20

    Upload tasks to maximize the number of connections per IP: 5

    The user on the inner network puts the hook "Allows the inner network IP to the inner network IP to the server"

    7. Click the disk cache R n disk cache minimum value: 6m

    disk cache maximum value: 30m

    This disk cache When empty physical memory is lower than: 50m

    automatically adjusts the cache size within the maximum range.

    . The parameters of the download process are adjusted

    The first talk about hot seeds:

    1. (The number of seeds exceeds 20, the number of user connections exceeds 200), starting this download alone.

    2. When downloading, you can see that the connected seeds and users are constantly increasing, uploading the download speed slowly, the speed of the wait speed reaches 1/2 of the normal download speed, the number of connections is greater than 50, the number of seeds 1 is 1 When we take about 5-10 minutes), click "Mission Settings" to change the "maximum upload speed per task" to a number between 10-20 and continue to download.

    3. After 2 minutes, if your speed is rising and the ups and downs are not relatively stable, please keep it. If your speed is not up, you can use the following two methods:

    a. Map the maximum upload per task to continue at a speed of 2K each time;

    b.a can't afford to afford it. The role shows that your adjustment time is not right, and the "maximum upload speed per task" is restored to "unlimited" for a period of time.

    Costomy seeds

    Is of unpopular seeds may not be effective when you make small "maximum upload speed per task". If it is effective, keep it. Without effect, do not set "maximum upload speed per task" or set height such as 25-30.

    The precautions:

    1. Want to know whether you are an internal network or an outer network to see your own IP, 10.x.x.x, 192.168.x.x are all internal networks, and you can't see remote range. Basically, it is also the internal network.

    2. External network users If the download effect is not ideal, the previous version of the BC can be tried or greedy ABC, Bit Elf, etc.

    3. After downloading the uploaded friends, it is strongly requested to cancel the overall upload and restrictions for planting for more than 3 hours.

    4. When downloading hot seeds, try only one file as much as possible, so that you can enjoy the fast pleasure of Bitcomet.

    5. The selection of upload parameters should be carefully adjusted according to your own network conditions. If the parameters I say are not suitable for you, please think more and fine -tuned them carefully.

  3. Simply put, it is a download software for large files such as movies and TV series. You have to use it to sing a whole album. n I heard that the hard disk is the hard disk

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