Husband wants to get rich by getting a family like a blockchain. Is this reality?

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  1. Your husband is the same as me, because I lost 700,000 in the blockchain. Later, because my wife stopped, I came out to work again, but after two years of work, I found that the bank loan could not be pulled. Now my idea is that I want to go in next year to go in Blockchain, otherwise it is impossible to pay off debts in this life! Because for now, only blockchain and the Internet can quickly turn over!

    I can clearly tell you that there are three types of people in the blockchain, one is speculative coin, the other is mining, and the other is technology.

    It is the same as stock speculation. It is all scattered as stocks. If your husband has absolute capital, you can handle it. The market value is large, but this possibility is small. And your husband is mostly small, and half is mining.

    The second type is to buy mining machine mining. This kind of return period, and also go away with the currency. If the currency is worthless one day, you may lose.

    The third types of people are rarely seen on the Internet. They can actually land the blockchain application. The prospect of the blockchain is very large. Compared with traditional centralization, large -scale trace nodes replace high -pressure single -point clusters, which is the three stinky skins we often say. The summit will have a busy state, and the Alipay server of the previous two days is down, and it needs high cost maintenance. This is the disadvantage of the traditional center server. The blockchain can solve this problem. The task is divided into a small task for the corresponding block processing. If you encounter the Double Eleven traffic flood peaks, then congratulations to the miners who want to make a fortune, haha, so there will be more mining machines to mine, that is, it provides provides providing provision Computing power and computing power are higher than Hongfeng, and miners bear risk by themselves. Besides, the problem of persistence, the storage volume is getting bigger and bigger, even GitHub is called bitter. Like domestic manufacturers, it is even more anxious to monetize. I believe that friends who have done it know that the biggest cost of the file server is not the storage space, but the network bandwidth and bandwidth costs. Highly high, that is, the top manufacturers such as Ali Tencent can produce. The blockchain is made for persistent storage. First of all, the network bandwidth problem is solved, and it can easily achieve high bandwidth transmission. This is the advantage of P2P. The high bandwidth can be combined with 5G 5G The technology, because the advantage of 5G is the high bandwidth, they are together, and the pearls are together. Like a lot of self -media on the Internet, the media said the next generation of 5G air outlet. Essence Doing short videos or something, they really do n’t understand. Those things have been done enough for 4G. 5G will give full play to the advantages of high speed and high bandwidth. Take a few simple examples: storage, you can store the blockchain in the future. There may not be 64G 128G, etc. Only RAM memory. You can specify the size and pay on demand, because the high rate of high rate and high width of 5G can achieve the speed of reading this machine. Second, high authentic VR, because the distance factor of VR needs to reach 4K to truly immersion, cloud host, and then communicate through 5G wireless and VR devices. If the application allows, you can even run with VR glasses on the street, and simulate what you see through virtual reality and augmented reality according to the actual real realities, not like the current "elementary school AR". Essence There are many more listed one by one. In short, the prospects of the blockchain are unlimited, but because certain political factors are hindered to develop, because the blockchain is unknown, spoken, and cannot be held accountable.

    So if it is technical, he will not even let you invest if you do n’t even say anything. If he is like that, he is a scammer. The coins are not desirable, and the mining is not recommended, but the blockchain application is the future. There is no need for money here, but more development talents are needed.

    It may not be able to hear it if you say so much, but after you read it, you prove that you are willing to listen. If you agree, it means you are willing to accept new things, and your thoughts are not lagging, you are not a little people.

    Is we should create the future together instead of being willing to be the dust of time. Live one, leave a noise

    Is you should be happy to have such an advanced conscious husband. Many people still do not believe in the blockchain. They think it is a scam and MLM. At present Blockchain proves that it is a new economic model that will definitely develop its high -speed development in the future! You are not stopped, but you are investing vigorously. This is the last profit window this year. Next year, you may not be able to buy a coin! Intersection Intersection

    Is to figure out this problem. First of all, let's take a look at the concept of the blockchain.

    What is the blockchain?

    The rise of the blockchain stems from a mysterious geek genius. He is Satoshi Nakamoto and invented the world's first digital currency -Bitcoin. In recent years, Bitcoin's wealth of wealth has made people familiar with the blockchain ear. At the same time, various digital currencies have sprung up like rain, and the longing for wealth makes people rush to digital currencies.

    . However, the blockchain itself is not tailor -made for digital currency. In simple terms, the blockchain is a decentralized database. It is easy to understand that the blockchain is a distributed ledger. This ledger does not have a fixed bookkeeper, but when a transaction occurs, everyone will account for a book together, whether it is their own transaction.

    Wen we must realize that digital currency is just a way for blockchain applications. It does not create value. More importantly, currently various digital currencies are not recognized in China in my country. And the central bank is preparing to issue its own digital currency, so if it is investing in digital currencies, I don't think it is a wise choice.

    In fact, as a technology, the blockchain should not be limited to digital currencies, but should be made in fields similar to finance, logistics, insurance, copyright, etc. There are still a long way to go in the application of various fields.

    If you want to get rich by the blockchain, you should think more about the application of the blockchain in various fields without being caught in the trap of digital currency.

    The blockchain knowledge that only contacted this year must be too small. If it is not engaged in blockchain technology but engaged in blockchain digital currency investment, the probability is still losing money.

    From your statement, I think your husband must be engaged in blockchain digital coins investment. More than 10,000 times, the benchmark of Bitcoin is too attractive.

    The tens of thousands of digital coins, 90%are the concepts of deceit and MLM, and the rest are real blockchain technology but not necessarily successful. Part of the currency is not worthy. Only the value of Bitcoin is valuable. The price of Bitcoin is too high.

    So what should you do?

    The first, you need to know that you want your husband to not invest in digital coins, because he has deeply believed that this is an industry that can be turned into thousands of times, you think you Is it possible to want someone who is doing MLM to leave the MLM industry?

    The second, blockchain technology is a good technology, a real future change technology, but digital coins are not good coins.

    Third, your husband likes the blockchain. You can support him to learn about the blockchain, but you must remember not to invest in it. Late, he earns 10,000 a month. You let him invest only 3,000. It really doubles, and you can earn thousands of times after more than 3,000 years.

    Fourth, find more pyramiders, scam coins, and running money news to show him. There are too many online, one search is all.

    At the same time, this is not the expectations and hope of many family members.

    but time is like water, the years are like shuttle, the aging of the elderly and the growth of children cannot be waited. Many men's anxiety and overload work as a pillar of family, and occasionally judging errors cannot be avoided. Temperature is also normal. Long live.

    This to get rich in the family is anxious, but the strategic direction cannot be wrong.

    . At the same time, with the rectification of the financial industry, many pseudo -blockchain companies selling dog meat with dogs have also been seized one after another, and they have ended the ending of the empty and prison.

    The blockchain is the most reliable. In the end, the ultimate application can only serve the real economy of various industries like the Internet.

    The digital currencies touted by many people now, such as Bitcoin, the core is ultra -complicated encryption technology. It takes hundreds of years to decipher the current computer technology. In the future, quantum computers come out, and decrypting Bitcoin is a few seconds.

    The so -called digital currency, in fact, under the guise of the blockchain, illegal funds such as illegal fundraising and MLM.

    The most important thing is that currency reflects national credit, and behind it is the support of national sovereignty. Therefore, as a manifestation of digital currencies, it is impossible to leave and fade this basic background.

    The basic foundation and some management experience for security experience, joining the big trend industry of blockchain, it is definitely unrealistic to do the technical category. You may wish to study how to do security work specifically for the blockchain industry. The security cakes for the blockchain industry's market segment are bigger and stronger, and the income is also very considerable. As a result, realizing the dream of getting rich also refers to the next day.

    If you ask emotions, it is recommended to divorce (I have always persuaded the points).

    If you ask for money, do your husband pay or buy coins?

    If it is to buy coins, no accident, it is still cold, and the debt is worse.

    If it is issuing a coin, it is to circle others' money.

    The luck, can earn a lot of money.

    The luck, you can directly realize financial freedom. After all, in prison, you ca n’t spend any money ...

    above, do n’t thank.


    has been playing digital currency for five years, and the funds have been played. At the end of 17 years, I bought 20,000 to 30,000 digital currencies. It rose to 200,000, but it didn't come out. It slowly fell down for a few months. Now it is basically not playing. At the end, it is still a lot of money. It is impossible to get rich at all when the market is not good.

    It thinks that the state supports the blockchain. Of course, digital currency is also a derivative of blockchain technology. In the next few years, the blockchain can be said to be a vent. The use of blockchain use technology, engage in a blockchain training course, studio and the like. Of course, this is what you may do after you have accumulated a certain blockchain knowledge. Rich, like Internet online shopping a few years ago, emerging things, interested friends can communicate with each other! Intersection

    . Your husband can answer all the suggestions of all enthusiastic netizens and read it seriously. I believe he will have a clear understanding and clear analysis of the ground.

    The blockchain is nothing but synonymous with the sharing economy. There is no mystery and mysteries. Investment can, until moderate, the blockchain can be done because I am doing it. I did n’t invest a penny, but I have made some other money. I think the blockchain is a good sideline.

    The personal point of view is for reference only.

    is not realistic, maybe your husband's real meaning is unclear

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