Liu Tao's husband was exploded to invest in Bitcoin to lose 1.2 billion

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  1. It's fake news. On September 16, some media broke the news that Liu Tao's husband Wang Ke failed to invest in Bitcoin. He lost 1.2 billion in half a year this year, which was very shocking.
    It is reported that Wang Ke believes that this is a very rare good project, so he has put on all the family members, and has also invested from bank borrowing funds to Bitcoin. Since May, it has been in the exchange of 200 million in a exchange. When the position encountered the position, it lost 200 million within a day.
    March Wang Ke did make a lot of money. At most, he could earn more than 2 million a day, so Wang Ke increased its position and invested more funds. As a result, the situation started in May. Wang Ke was unwilling to make up for it, and invested 200 million, but he drifted in less than half a month.
    . So far, Wang Ke has not stopped, constantly losing money, Wang Ke has continued to invest in money. Finally, the exchange he invested in the shares was suspected of being seized by the police. It was frozen. As of August, Wang Ke lost a total of 1.2 billion, and 500 million miles still had 500 million miles.
    Extension information
    Liu Tao's husband Wang Ke responded
    Wang Ke said that he received WeChat of many people who had not been contacted for a long time, and everyone cared about whether there was anything wrong with him. He also said that he has become a fixed target of rumors in the marketing number. It is basically bankruptcy from February to September each year. From September to November, those festivals days should be divorced.
    But this marketing number has played a new trick, which shows that there are relevant knowledge of currency. Originally, Wang Ke imagined that he had endured the same thing before, but when he thought of Liu Tao, who was diligent, he was diligent, optimistic and courageous, he felt unbearable.
    Because Liu Tao had a little score every time, the external dirty water came over, which made Wang Ke lament that how strong Liu Tao had to go on.
    Wang Ke's memory of his father -in -law who died shortly, lamenting that his life was impermanent, and at the same time, he also approved the marketing number of the marketing number, unparalleled the Internet, the glory of human nature, and so on. Wang Ke said that he had hid many thunder areas such as P2P and Xiaoshuang, but he couldn't hide the rumors of the marketing number. He also mocked himself and did not know if he had a paper money that he burned to his dad to 1.2 billion.
    Finally, Wang Ke encouraged himself and encouraged others to adhere to himself and love life. He ended the entire article with a strong flavor of chicken soup.

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