How to minify computers in computers

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  1. 1. To understand the problem of home computer mining, you must first explain the mining. After the Bitcoin came out, because everyone kept the same record of recording transactions, a person with a decision -making right is needed to be responsible for recording the ledger. Who will record? It is determined by a question that who has calculated the computer first, then it has the right to record and records all the data of this block. This is the popular explanation of mining. And the person who rewarded this bookkeeper received additional money. This is the reward of mining. The reward contributed enough computing power to solve the problem. In order to make money.

    2. Bitcoin mining was only a CPU at the beginning. Next, for more money, technicians developed graphics cards, FPGA, ASIC chips, and faster and faster remembering Account method. Please note that it is just Bitcoin's bookkeeping method. Bitcoin is the SHA256 algorithm, which is only applicable to this, and can only be mine under this algorithm. After more algorithms, more algorithms Ethash, Kawpow, Zhash, X16R, RANDOMX ...

    3. Note a few concepts here, algorithms (a bunch of above), device (CPU, graphics card, FPGA, ASIC) they complement each other, one currency may have multiple algorithms or single algorithms Come to account, the same device can also run different algorithms to get different rewards. The difference is only the level of bookkeeping efficiency, and it is fast to make money. Therefore, Bitcoin can use CPUs, graphics cards, FPGA, ASIC any kind of ASIC efficiency and cost -effective. The theme is returning below. What can home computers dig? Household computers = CPU graphics card CPU are more suitable for Monero under the RandomX algorithm. If the graphics card, it is suitable for the automatic choice of Nicehash.

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